The Gift of Art 2020

The Gift of Art 2020

The Royal Queensland Art Society’s Christmas Exhibition, ‘The Gift of Art’ is on show now at Petrie Terrace Gallery until 17th December or online below. Come visit us and find a beautiful and unique gift for your loved ones this Christmas.

If you would like to purchase a painting please contact the Petrie Terrace Gallery on 3367 1977 Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-3:30pm.

Exhibition Entries

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Exhibiting Artists

Paul Anthony
Max Butler
Rod Cassidy
Karen Collins
Tanika Cooper
Boyd Craig
Helen Creed
Ryan Daffurn
Jocelyn Elliott
Anna Gonzalez
Christine Groh
Mel Hayton
Peter Hubbard
Owen Hutchinson
Alan Innes
Marijke Lambregtse
Zygmunt Libucha
Chloe Liu
Talya Liu
Abramo Papp
Pradeep Pillai
Keaton Prickett
Kathleen Rhee
Elisabeth Ruiz
Kaitlin Shirley
Douglas Stevens
Ekaterina Strounina
Beverley Tainton
Trudy Tathem
Susan Turner
Noreen Walsh
Stephen Wells