Fellows of the Society

Each of the 3 branch’s of the Royal Queensland Art Society INC (Brisbane, Gold Coast and Rockhampton) are all entitled to nominate Members of their society that they feel have reached a high standard of Artistic practice, have contributed to the broader Arts community as well as supporting the aims of the RQAS (as outlined in the constitution).  Every 2 or 3 years the Current Fellows are invited to exhibit in a exhibition at the Petrie Terrace Gallery.

Current Fellows of the Royal Queensland Art Society:

Don Hamilton appointed 2003 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Esther Austin appointed 2005 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Glen Gillard appointed 2006 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Penelope Gilbert – Ng appointed 2003 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Peter Hubbard appointed 2006 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Irene McKean apppointed 2012(Brisbane Branch Member)
Max Butler apppointed 2012 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Dr Kay Kane apppointed 2012 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Greg de Silva appointed 2013 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Beverley Tainton appointed 2013 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Frances Rowland-Wregg appointed 2013 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Dr. Christine Kirkegard appointed 2015 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Graham W Smith appointed 2015 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Joan Cooper appointed 2015 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Joanne Heath appointed 2016 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Moreen Neil appointed 2016 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Robyn Bauer appointed 2019 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Frances McKennariey appointed 2021 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Scott Breton appointed 2021 (Brisbane Branch Member)
David Henderson appointed 2021 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Annette Raff appointed 2023 (Gold Coast Member)
David Ladley appointed 2023 (Gold Coast Member)

Past Fellows:

Dr. Irene Amos, Margaret Olley, George D. Williamson [appointed 1992]
Ada Ludlow [appointed 1995]
Mary Norrie [appointed 1996]
Charles Ludlow [appointed 2003, to 2015]
Audrey Gibbs [appointed 2003, to 2015]
Phyllis Schneider [appointed 2004]
Peter Abraham [appointed 2005]
Dr. Grahame Readshaw [appointed 2005 to 2015]
Win Robbins, Brian Williams [appointed 2006]
Ruby Eaves appointed 2015 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Margaret Raymond appointed 2006 (Brisbane Branch Member)
Heather Blackstock appointed 2016 (Gold Coast Member)

If you would like to nominate a current member for fellowship please review the Submission Guidelines and Fellow By-Laws & Nomination Form.