Anna Gonzalez

About Artist

I have an extensive body of work from my long trajectory as an artist, consisting on lino prints, drawings and paintings. My professional experience

extends for over 30 years, with many of my works spread in private collections, the most notable perhaps are the thirteen – works belonging to the Mater Private Hospital. I have exhibited in private and public galleries, here and abroad.

My art work can be classified as surrealistic, and humorous with a twist of darkness in it.

During my development as a painter, I have always shown a distinctive style, a mixture of my cultural origins and the black humour that is very distinctive from Australia as well.

I am from a generation of Spaniards who lived through, the last years of a corrupted military regime, and saw how this regime was protected by the Catholic Church who was voicing from the pulpits their dictatorial thoughts and believes.

Growing up with these subliminal messages from both sides, and having had members of my family which I love, being imprisoned and tortured, I found myself developing a surviving mechanism. A sense of humour that value absurdity, as part of a norm in life.


Curriculum Vitae


2004-2008 MVA Research Masters in Visual Arts, Queensland College of Art

Griffith University

2002 – 2003   MAVA (Masters in Arts-Visual Arts, Queensland College of Art

Griffith University

1995 – 1996 Honours in Arts (Spanish Literature) University of Queensland

1990 – 1992 Post Graduate Diploma of Teaching QLD University of Technology

1985 – 1988 Bachelor of Fine Art/Queensland College of Art Griffith University

Art Awards


2015   Rotary Art Spectacular

2014    Rotary Art Spectacular

2012   Pine Rivers Art Prize

2012   Lethbridge Art Prize

2012   Rotary Art Spectacular

2010   Redland Art Award

2010/11 Blake Religious Art Prize, Directors Cut Exhibition October-January

2010   Rotary Art Spectacular

2010   Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards

            Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum

2009   Rotary Art Spectacular

2009   Metro Arts, Launch Clayton Utz. (Brisbane) 2009

Exhibition in the past 10 years

2018     Group Exhibition: Percolator Art Gallery Paddington (Brisbane)

2016    Solo Exhibition: The Preposterousness of a Mental Diary

2013    Performing Home Woolloongabba Art Gallery

2012    Solo Exhibition: Emporium ‘Free Style’

2011    Group Exhibition: ‘Magnification’ Bleeding Heart Gallery (Brisbane)

2011    Solo Exhibition: ‘By the Grace of Example’ May Redland Art Gallery,

2010    Solo Exhibition: FreeStyle West End

2009 SOAG Gallery, Group Exhibiton (New Castle)

2009 Group International Travelling exhibition “My Case”

2009 Solo Exhibition Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery (Brisbane)

2009 SOAG Gallery, (Newcastle)

2008 Graduation Exhibition MVA, ‘The Power to Incense’ Galleria Griffith University.

2007 ‘Interimage’ (Japan /Brisbane).

2006 Blake Exceptions Exhibition Rushcutters Bay Gallery (Sydney).

2006 Group Exhibition ‘Interimage’ (Brisbane /Japan).

2006 Solo Exhibition ‘Aspirations Inspirations’ Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery (Brisbane).

Academic Award

2003 Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence

1990 Diploma from the Ministry of Education and Science in Spain