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Robert John Burton

108-The Dark Path
27-Cat Among the Pigeons

Robert John Burton Profile

Robert John Burton trained as a painter at the Queensland College of Fine Arts from which he graduated with Honours in 1987 under Dr Pat Hoffie. This was built on previous involvement with several small art groups. After graduation, Burton moved to Townsville and established a career in ceramics and painting. His artwork is idiosyncratic resulting in an eclectic and fast-paced style which has been noted through many articles, collections, and past regular exhibitions. In 1999, he was presented with the TCC Visual Arts Award because of his extensive community involvement including various TCC projects as a sponsored artist, and participation in World Expo 88, the Australian Bicentennial Travelling Exhibition, and contribution to Out of the North Travelling Exhibition, (1989 to 1991) reaching 17 Regional Art Galleries in Eastern Australia including Tasmania, curated by the ANG. In 2011, he was a RADF Grant recipient to create art workshops for disadvantaged adults. Training as a secondary humanities teacher enabled him to move on from the northern flood event of 2019 which inundated his studio. After teaching, Burton returned to fulltime painting and uses his YouTube channel for advocacy on Autism Spectrum Disorder and uploads daily fast-painting demonstrations. Nature is his art school now and considers whether art is challenging or interesting. The beauty of nature is threatened and therefore an insistent reminder of our common universal being.


Channel link:

YouTube Year-Long Daily Painting Challenge

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RQAS Members Online Exhibition 2021

The Royal Queensland Art Society’s is proud to present this online exhibition, a collection of works by RQAS Members.

If you would like to purchase a painting please contact the Petrie Terrace Gallery on 3367 1977 Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-3:30pm.

Exhibition Entries

Click on Image to view full size image.

Exhibiting Artists

Elisabeth Ruiz
Peter Hubbard
Sue Gleeson
Glen Gante
Robyn Carr
Mike White
Marijke Lambregtse
Glenise Clelland
Kay Kane

Ronelle Reid


Inspired by her love of animals, artist Ronelle Reid uses ink, oils and watercolours to create detailed, visual narratives that explore the relationships between animals and their habitats.

Her style is a combination of colourful, naturalist work with quirky compositions that pair species that don’t coexist or share habitats. She invites viewers to ask why the rules of land, air and sea

no longer apply and wonder why fish happily swim through the antlers of a bongo antelope and butterflies flutter around a moray eel.

As a dedicated artist, Ronelle spent countless hours studying animals in museums, using the taxidermic displays to understand and convey their forms. It wasn’t until she started work with RSPCA that her

experience with animal welfare gave her a new perspective.

Now, fuelled by this understanding, she combines her formal education in painting and printmaking to plan each composition, purposefully breaking the rules of taxonomic categorisation. In doing so, her

work draws attention to the interconnectedness between species and invites viewers to see how they are being forced to adapt in rapidly changing ecosystems or risk extinction.

Salon des Refuses – Petrie Terrace Gallery Award Winners

Congratulations to all the recipients of the Petrie Terrace Gallery Awards. Each Selector for the Salon des Refuses has chosen a work to receive this award.

Click here to view the awards presentation and official opening of the Salon des Refuses, or scroll down to view the winners and selectors comments.

Selected by Lewis Miller

Wrapped in Plastic

by Charlotte England


A solid sense of form and use of colour, especially in the face. There is a beauty of shape within the folds of the plastic, an innovative composition and a very effective mood, referring to Twin Peaks but not relying on it.

Selected by Andrew Bonneau


by Purple Chang


Wonderful use of a mid toned imprimatura, with solidly painted lights and transparent shadows. A variety of textural application of paint, and subtle, optical colour contribute to its effect, which is clearly an honesty painted self portrait, done from observation.

Selected by Dr Christine Kirkegard

The Owl of Minerva Flies at Dusk

by Dr Kay Kane


Subject matter and abstract design considerations are given equal weight in this complex and powerful composition which may compel the viewer to consider the psychological and metaphysical elements of pictorial construction.

Visual relationships and directional rhythms across the canvas explore and synthesize the artist’s encounter with the image of self over time in veiled and overt appearances from the implacable gaze of a central recent self to the cyclic shape punctuations and space interludes of her past reflections.

The gestation of this painting is rooted in the act of many paintings each with its own dynamism of lines shapes and values here striving for a new compositional equilibrium and perhaps ultimately an aesthetic reconciliation.

Peoples Choice

Portrait of Luigi Casagrande

by Dr Qi Liu

Karen Collins

A Time to Reflect
by Karen Collins
Oil on Canvas $800
Golden Plains by Karen CollinsOil on Canvas $1500

As a keen hiker, I have been able to study more remote areas and translate them in oil paint. I hope to provide those who are unable to experience these beautiful vistas first hand a taste of the serenity experienced whilst in these areas. With the fast progression of global warming I fear these beautiful areas and the wildlife that lives within, will significantly change during my lifetime. My mission is to leave painted images of our world pre-climate change to remind mankind of their careless neglect.


Born and bred in Brisbane, I have also lived in London, Sydney and Melbourne. Whenever I am travelling overseas, I feel the pull of my beautiful Australia and am always grateful to be living in such a wonderful city and country!


When I’m not painting, I run ART ST ( @artstbrisbane), an online art gallery that helps to promote Brisbane’s Emerging Artists and their art.



Accepts commissions | Free delivery for most locations within Australia



Ph: 0413 852 774

Salon des Refusés 2021 – Selections

Congratulations to all the artists selected in the 2021 Salon des Refusés, run in conjunction with the Brisbane Portrait Prize.

Exhibition on show at Petrie Terrace Gallery from Thursday 7th October – Sunday 31st October 2021

Click here for more information or to book into one of our upcoming events.

Waiting Alan Hanson
Vecinito II Alan Morrison
Stepping Into The Light Alisa Newey
The Green Woman (Self Portrait) Anne-Louise Ciel
Mother & Child (Natalie and Arian) Benitta Harding
Brett ‘Maverick’ Wood Bianca Hines
Damien in Black, Yellow and Red Cameron Seymour
Minnie Carla Petrie
Wrapped in Plastic Charlotte England
Ephemeral Friend Charlton Groves
Evening Tide Clare Cowley
The Optimist Dita Angeles
The Good Girl- Jenevieve Chang Elizabeth Barden
The Leap Garry Dolan
No Judging (Me and My Curlew Gang) Genevieve Memory
Holding Ground – A Self Portrait Georges Soler
Selfie of an Unfinished Vision Hillary Wall
Equalibran Hugh Edwards
The Owl Huon Kane
Lockdown Jamie Congdon
Phillip Piperides Janice Pryde
Chamber of Introspection Jarad Danby
Portrait of a Bookseller Judith Sinnamon
The Owl of Minerva Flies at Dusk Kay Kane
Young Man Leena Kankkunen
Pink Lady – Sweet and Sour Leesl Ross
A Bronze Weapon Smelling of Honey (after Kate Llewellyn) Louise Tate
We All Have Wings Luella Price
Jessica Lynne Day
Nathaniel- A Portrait of the Artist’s Son Margaret Van Maanen
Ray Williams Director Jungle Love Festival Maureen Hansen
Grumpy Pants Melanie Kienzle
Eric Scott Min Jia (Johnny) Huang
Jim Nick Kohler
Sixth Avenue Olivia Dean-Jones
Spell, Spelt, SPELD Paula Kos
An Ordinary Australian Peter Fung
Self Portrait Peter Hubbard
Flaneur Purple Chang
Luigi Casagrande Qi Liu
A Quintessential Brisban-ite Sangeeta Mahajan
Shona and Kiong Sean Zhuang
Portrait of Steve Heath #3 Stephanie Heyneke
The Rock Star Stephen Tiernan
Our Di Susan Trimble
Dawson River Woman Teila Watson
Troubled Heart Vanessa Allegra
Big Johnny Zaide Harker

Robyn Moon

IMG_0222 2
IMG_0457 2

What began as a hobby instantly became a passion that has evolved despite life’s winding path over the past 25 years. Robyn has settled in the Noosa Hinterland after living in Launceston, Melbourne & Asia,

and now has more time to paint.

Mastering the technical skills and understanding the process of producing works in realism like Old Masters, is her ongoing mission. Robyn also believes evoking feeling in the viewer, and telling a story is

just as important as striving to be a good painter. Inspiration comes from life, both in human-kind & nature.

Robyn has continued to study with a variety of teachers in many corners of the globe, particularly in fine art. Over the last few years she has studied honing Old Masters Portraiture oil painting techniques,

particularly of Bouguereau & Carravaggio, with a mentor in Europe online. More detail about her journey is on her website, <>.

Robyn has incorporated some of these skills in more contemporary portraits, and plans to work more on this area. Alongside her realist works, Robyn dabbles with looser styles in pastels, acrylics & pencil

drawings, and in landscapes as well. Her works are inspired by her own photography and former Masters.

Robyn’s work & studio will be on display at the ‘2021 Noosa Open Studios’ in October.

Sharon Beckett


Sharon Beckett – Artist


Instagram – @sharonbeckett_art


Sharon is an interdisciplinary artist, whose most recent work is founded on a drawing practice which sees her traverse from expansive Australian landscapes to redolent portraiture.


A career educator, Sharon’s chosen mediums of paper and pencil or canvas and oil, may seem logical. Divergently, she views herself as a lifelong learner, engaging a process of application, distance, assessment and reimagining. Admitting her developed method was not designed or even efficient but is steeped in enjoyment and satisfaction.


Inspired by constant observation of her surroundings and intrigued by the diversity of people, Sharon’s exploration of shape, line, colour and tone, often reveals to the audience a shared sentiment or personal quality.


Sharon is a current member and exhibiter at the Royal Queensland Art Society.

Glen Gillard

After six years Army service, including postings to Malaya and Vietnam, [ 1962 – 1968 ] Glen began life as an artist. That of course meant much trial and error and disappointment, and getting to know the reality of what it means to be an artist. But an artist, it seems, he was meant to be. Childhood memories are full of days painting and drawing.

Art lessons, art books, art contests, art groups and exhibitions became the focus of life and a new world opened up.

That world is still opening up, so many decades down the track, and is still full of learning and wonder. The expression, “Painting is an old man’s [ and woman’s] game” says it all, although Glen would dispute he is old !! He is always surprised and a bit amused when people ask, ‘Are you still painting?” It’s a bit like asking “Are you still alive?”

He has lost count of the number of art contests he has won, and solo exhibitions held. His portrait of wife Verna was selected for the Doug Moran contest in 1990. His self portrait entered in the Brisbane Portrait Prize in 2020 was selected for the Salon de refuse. He has painted more than a dozen public murals dealing with Queensland’s history – see Bowen murals and Clermont Railway murals – and had two sketch books published, dealing with the Queensland Gem Fields.

A feature of much of those engaged in the Arts, be that singing, dancing, acting, painting etc. is one of teaching. Glen taught privately for many years, and conducted workshops for various Art groups in Queensland. He is a Fellow of the Royal Queensland Art Society, Brisbane Branch, serving on the committee on a number of occasions.

“ Earth’s crammed with Heaven, and every common bush afire with God&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.” This is one of Glen’s favourite quotes, part of a poem written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It suggests of course, that there is goodness and beauty everywhere, and that’s where Glen finds subject matter for his paintings – portraits, landscapes, seascapes, buildings, and flowers, a never ending source of inspiration. He is comfortable using oils, watercolour, pastel and various drawing materials.

Glen Gante

Overwatch - Crow looks on
Bees, Waterlily, Seychelles, Glen Gante, Mister G Photography, Op Slipper, Vibrant life, nature, bucketlist

Glen Gante is Australian Navy Veteran and highly creative photographer creating emotive and inspirational imagery. Glen is available for commissioned appointments and workshop presentations. He was named an exhibition Finalist in the 2021 Clayton Utz Art Award for his image “Go at your own pace”

Past Roles

2004 – 2015   Communications and Information Systems Specialist, Royal Australian Navy

2011 – 2012    Events Photographer – Australian Services Rugby Union and Royal Australian Navy Rugby Union

2010 – Present Freelance Photographer- specialising in events, corporate, fashion and commercial industries.


Current Positions

Owner/Photographer – Mister G Photography –

Owner/Photographer – Studio Gante – Funeral and Memorial Photography


2020 Photography Basics and Beyond – Michigan State University
Various Industry workshops both domestically and internationally


Selected Exhibitions – Group

2021  Clayton Utz Art Awards 2021 – Lethbridge Gallery – Exhibition Finalist

2021  Art Burst 2021 – Kenmore Uniting Church – Exhibiting Artist
2021  Light and Dark – 42for42 – RQAS Petrie Terrace – Veterans Art Exhibiting Artist

2020  Nudes on Tap Showcase – TAP Gallery Sydney in conjunction with

2020  The Flash Group Show, TAP Gallery Sydney – Exhibiting Artist

2019  Tap Salon Show, TAP Gallery Sydney  – Exhibiting Artist

2019  VeteransArt 2019 – Exhibiting Artist

2018  Ovation, RAW Artists – Exhibiting Artist


Publications and Printed Works

2020  ‘Nymph’ – VX Magazine

2019  ‘Instant Blue Love’ – NSFW Magazine

2018  ‘Things that go bump’ – McGlory Fashion Magazine

2018  ‘Catsuit Ninja’ – McGlory Fashion Magazine

2018  ‘Wild things series’ – 2NV Magazine

2017  ‘Twisted Love’ – MIMIC Magazine

2016  ‘Captivating Curves’ – Sheeba Magazine

2016  ‘ Glamourous Pixels’ – Sheeba Magazine

2016  ‘Summer Love’ – Sheeba Magazine

2016  ‘Water Nymph’ – Sheeba Magazine

2016  ‘Kitty Cat Seduction’ – Sheeba Magazine

2016  ‘Poison Ivy Inked’ – Sheeba Magazine

2016  Published Photographer –  Sydney Photographers 2016 Book

2015  Published Photographer –  Sydney Photographers 2015 Book