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Winners – Members Annual 2020

Best Artwork

Still Life #368 by Laura Phillips

Oil Painting $2000 101x91cm


This is a successful elaboration of a simple yet engaging idea: an arrangement of rectangles as a foil for organic forms. This painting’s firm sense of design is complemented by an equally rigorous colour scheme. The play of positive and negative shape and decorative pattern across the picture surface is reconciled with well observed, naturalistic detail; the care with which the composition has been developed in no way detracts from the the lyrical energy and sense of freedom in this painting.  

SECTION 1: Painting in Acrylic and Oils

First Prize

Amethyst and Red Lipstick by Kay Kane

Painting in Acrylic and Oils
Oil Painting $4000

JUDGES COMMENTS: Highly developed formal qualities – precise drawing, a firm grasp of the relationships between interconnected planes and a feeling for the structure of the head – make as important a contribution to this compelling portrait as as the vivid characterisation of an individual face.   

Equal Second Prize

Magpies by Michael Augustine

Oil Painting $2000 76x110cms

JUDGES COMMENTS: Sensitively controlled colour harmonies and a close observation of reflected light make this a highly accomplished essay in ‘contre-jour’ luminosity.   

Equal Second Prize

Demolition by Kathleen Dempsey

Acrylic on canvas $700 152x122cms


This rugged and dramatic painting conveys a real sense of pathos through a bold use of scale to emphasise the monumentality of the subject. Saturated colour and direct handling are consistent with the simple and bold framing of the central motif.  

Third Prize

Sunset Over Canaipa Passage by Abramo Papp

Oil on Linen $1200 106x76cms


A powerful mood is established though simplified forms, clean colour and most importantly an all-pervasive light.  

Highly Commended

The Ginger Plant by Peter Hubbard

Oil Painting $500 54x44cms


An astute juxtaposition of values resulting in a strategic placement of focal points leads the viewer into and around the space of this painting. Informal handling and a vibrant palette convey a sense of delight in everyday things.  

Cleaning Out The Closet by David Fenoglio

Oil on Linen $1800 65x55cms


Firm drawing, a disciplined technique and well observed values make this a solidly constructed, arresting work.  


Samford South Pine by Mike White

Acrylic on Canvas $600 50x75cms


An emphatic yet well-managed composition demonstrating a natural affinity for the medium. The expressive range of a saturated palette has been exploited without sacrificing naturalistic effects or a notion of a connection to a specific place.  

Story Bridge By Night by Paul Anthony

Acrylic $300 32x48cm

An original view of this much depicted subject combining firmly constructed planes, a sure instinct for spatial relationships, and a sense of immediacy bring this image to life. 

SECTION 2: Watercolour Painting

First Prize

Nudgee Beach Early by Tony Walker

$850 44x92cms


The confident application of washes and contrasts between the small figures and the broad areas of sky create a strong sense of atmosphere and mood.   

Highly Commended

Fassifern Valley by Greg de Silva 


A fresh, direct treatment, combing a careful selection of the essential elements of the subject and its relationships as well as a confident application of the medium.   

SECTION 3: Photography and Digital

First Prize

Fresh Produce by Alan Innes

Digitally Assembled Drawing $390 50x50cms **SOLD**


A very accomplished and taut essay in two dimensional design revealing a sure instinct for the juxtaposition of shapes, quality of line and distribution of values.   

Highly Commended

Old Museum – Nocturn by Joanne Heath

Photograph $295 53x41cms


The dramatic lighting on this evocative building has been thoughtfully captured.  

No artworks were entered in Section 4: Sculpture/ 3D All Media

SECTION 5: Drawing

First Prize

Remnants by Glen Gillard

Pen and Wash $500 47x57cm


A skilful and sensitive use of the medium to has been used to develop the lively abstract patterns in the subject. Intricate surface detail and carefully stated values contribute to create an air of mystery.  

Cambodian Fishing Village by Kay Kane

Drawing $450 54x33cms


Great economy of means has been used to suggest rather than directly state essential information about space, light and sense of place.   

SECTION 6: 2D Works All Other Media

First Prize

Venice by Christine Groh

Hand Coloured Linocut $300 52x62cms **SOLD**


The graphic technique is used to great effect to convey the charm of Venice and evoke a cheerful, festive mood.  


Coucal Trail by Beverley Tainton

Acrylic $2900 98x98cm

Members Annual 2020

The Royal Queensland Art Society is pleased to present the 2020 Members Annual Exhibition. This exhibition features works in a variety of styles and media.

View in person at the Petrie Terrace Gallery until Sunday 2nd, August or Online below.

If you would like to purchase a painting please contact the Petrie Terrace Gallery on 3367 1977 Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-3:30pm.


For more information and judges comments on our winners please click here

Exhibition Entries

Exhibiting Artists

Paul Anthony
Michael Augustine
Esther Austin
Ned Baker
Louise Blood
Casey Charles
Di Cox
Boyd Craig
Merle Crowe
Greg de Silva
Kathleen Dempsey
Garry Dolan
David Fenoglio
Robin Finlay
Glen Gillard
Allan Green
Christine Groh
Glenine Hamlyn
Ineke Hartman
Joanne Heath
Peter Hubbard
Darren Hughes
Alan Innes
Kay Kane
Karen Knight
Marijke Lambregtse
Genevieve Memory
Angela Mulligan
Abramo Papp
Laura Phillips
Heather Philp
Wendy Pound
Jennifer Redmond
F. J Rowland Wregg
Elisabeth Ruiz
Giovanna Scott
Rawdon Slater
Graham W. Smith
Kathy Sullivan
Beverley Tainton
Trudy Tathem
Wilna Ten Cate
Tony Walker
Mike White

Gallery Update 8th June 2020

WELCOME BACK to the Petrie Terrace Gallery
1. The gallery is on track to re-open for exhibitions and visitors on Friday 12th June however we will need to adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions.

2. The date of the next “Let’s Chat” forum will be Wednesday 17th June at 1000am and the topic will be “What is Abstract art”. 

3. The award presentation for the winners in the Abstract will be held on the 27th June at 2pm and will be a ticketed event so that we can operate within the defined capacity limits. RSVP is essential and tickets will be allocated on a first in first served basis. We are only entitled to have 20 visitors plus staff. We will be able to serve drinks but will not be serving food.

4. The committee will restart all memberships from the 01st July. All members who were financial as at the 01st March or have renewed their membership since that date will have their renewal date extended by 3 months and will continue to receive the benefits of membership immediately. For everyone else, please contact us now to renew your membership and your start date will be 1st July 2020.

5. Tuesday life drawing is commencing on the 9th June and the Friday Life Drawing classes will start the 19th June.

Although we are receiving some government financial assistance, donations are always welcome. Please contact the gallery if you would like to donate and specify if you would like your donation to be tax deductible.
We welcome the ability to be able to hold exhibitions in the gallery and open the gallery to the public again however we are still working on the format that events will need to take to comply with the regulations.

Richard Khouri

About Artist

Richard Khouri is a Brisbane born artist mainly working with Acrylics on Canvas. He mainly focuses on painting artworks within a philosophical genre and also on scenery around Brisbane.
His first Solo Art Exhibition was scheduled from the 31st of March until the 6th of April 2020; however due to the interruption of Covid 19 and the temporary closing of Petrie Terrace Gallery; it has been postponed until further notice. Stay tuned…
Telephone: 0404846813

Angela Mulligan

About Artist

Angela is a contemporary Australian artist mainly self taught . Her passions for Art led her to formal studies. Angela completed Visual Arts certificate in the early eighties.
Her work has been exhibited and collected throughout Australia. Her unique style is linked with the expressionist movement, but with a modern twist.
Her style embraces the sense of emotion and her fascination with life and nature.
Angela’s inspirations come from everyday life. Colour shape and movement. energetic pops of colour is her trademark working with bold sweeps and strokes of colour as the painting takes shape and form. Her style compliments the warmth and fervour of the people and places that she represents in her works, along with her own restless passion. With a focus on the subtle interplay of light and movement, Angela’s works are created with a sense of immediacy, encouraging the viewer to recognise the importance of every moment. Her work incorporates elements of inter-textuality, creating oblique layers of meaning.
Angela has won several first prize awards and has sold many cherished pieces. She is still on her journey of discovery and her Art is ever evolving.
“My paintings are my ultimate escape into a fantasy splashed across the canvas, capturing my freedom and passion as an artist in the brightest and boldest colours imaginable.”

Ineke Hartman

I have been painting since 2004.  I have always been interested in art.  I took classes from Maree Clarke who was instrumental in teaching me a lot about drawing and colour mixing.  Her influence can still be seen in my work.  She loved Rembrandt and the use of strong dark colours.

I also did part of a TAFE certificate in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft.

In January 2012 I started the Art Appreciation Group in the Garden City library and continued to run it for five years.  This group Is still going strong.  I was also the RQAS Workshop Coordinator for one year.

My favourite medium is oil and I paint a wide variety of subjects.

Boyd Craig

Bringing life to a two dimensional depiction of the human figure never fails to amaze me. My paintings and drawings often tell a story – sometimes simple, other times humorous or reflective. I work with acrylics or pastel pencil.

Anna Gonzalez

About Artist

I have an extensive body of work from my long trajectory as an artist, consisting on lino prints, drawings and paintings. My professional experience

extends for over 30 years, with many of my works spread in private collections, the most notable perhaps are the thirteen – works belonging to the Mater Private Hospital. I have exhibited in private and public galleries, here and abroad.

My art work can be classified as surrealistic, and humorous with a twist of darkness in it.

During my development as a painter, I have always shown a distinctive style, a mixture of my cultural origins and the black humour that is very distinctive from Australia as well.

I am from a generation of Spaniards who lived through, the last years of a corrupted military regime, and saw how this regime was protected by the Catholic Church who was voicing from the pulpits their dictatorial thoughts and believes.

Growing up with these subliminal messages from both sides, and having had members of my family which I love, being imprisoned and tortured, I found myself developing a surviving mechanism. A sense of humour that value absurdity, as part of a norm in life.


Curriculum Vitae


2004-2008 MVA Research Masters in Visual Arts, Queensland College of Art

Griffith University

2002 – 2003   MAVA (Masters in Arts-Visual Arts, Queensland College of Art

Griffith University

1995 – 1996 Honours in Arts (Spanish Literature) University of Queensland

1990 – 1992 Post Graduate Diploma of Teaching QLD University of Technology

1985 – 1988 Bachelor of Fine Art/Queensland College of Art Griffith University

Art Awards


2015   Rotary Art Spectacular

2014    Rotary Art Spectacular

2012   Pine Rivers Art Prize

2012   Lethbridge Art Prize

2012   Rotary Art Spectacular

2010   Redland Art Award

2010/11 Blake Religious Art Prize, Directors Cut Exhibition October-January

2010   Rotary Art Spectacular

2010   Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards

            Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum

2009   Rotary Art Spectacular

2009   Metro Arts, Launch Clayton Utz. (Brisbane) 2009

Exhibition in the past 10 years

2018     Group Exhibition: Percolator Art Gallery Paddington (Brisbane)

2016    Solo Exhibition: The Preposterousness of a Mental Diary

2013    Performing Home Woolloongabba Art Gallery

2012    Solo Exhibition: Emporium ‘Free Style’

2011    Group Exhibition: ‘Magnification’ Bleeding Heart Gallery (Brisbane)

2011    Solo Exhibition: ‘By the Grace of Example’ May Redland Art Gallery,

2010    Solo Exhibition: FreeStyle West End

2009 SOAG Gallery, Group Exhibiton (New Castle)

2009 Group International Travelling exhibition “My Case”

2009 Solo Exhibition Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery (Brisbane)

2009 SOAG Gallery, (Newcastle)

2008 Graduation Exhibition MVA, ‘The Power to Incense’ Galleria Griffith University.

2007 ‘Interimage’ (Japan /Brisbane).

2006 Blake Exceptions Exhibition Rushcutters Bay Gallery (Sydney).

2006 Group Exhibition ‘Interimage’ (Brisbane /Japan).

2006 Solo Exhibition ‘Aspirations Inspirations’ Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery (Brisbane).

Academic Award

2003 Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence

1990 Diploma from the Ministry of Education and Science in Spain

Elizabeth Woodfield

Elizabeth F. Woodfield

Art is part of my identity. It gives fundamental meaning to life. I paint for personal satisfaction, challenge and interest in the creative process. I like my paintings to suggest stories, incite a mood, perhaps present viewers with a mystery or conundrum. My people things are generally contextual and therefore I suppose a social record; my land/sea/creaturescapes idiosyncratic of the spirit of human beings.

In 2005, seizing the opportunity in Iran, I was privileged to examine much work and confer with Iranian artists rekindling my old interest and intrigue of Middle-Eastern/Asian miniatures, particularly their story-telling and oft disguised elements in landscapes and figures. This was supervened with study of archived Persian Miniatures at British Museum, UK.

While in The Sultanate of Oman 2007, 2008, as I found also in the stunning plethora of life, colour, activity years before in India (1989, 1992, 1995 – and again in 2008), the inter-relationships of life and art with the extraordinary terrain, cultural mores and stories are naturally puissant.

In 2010 I furthered my studies of miniatures and calligraphy in Turkey, again in India, discovering more and re-acquainting with many different schools of these old art forms. Then in 2016 I gazed upon royal-McKoy sculptures and art of Ancient and Modern Greece and once again returned to Turkey experiencing new and mysterious images.

Home on Bribie Island and on sojourns farther afield into Australia’s unique landscapes, I continue explorations with different media and techniques. Queensland Artist Dale Marsh says Elizabeth is a painter of the mind rather than a painter of light; and, powered by a feel for the haptic, she expresses herself by painting from her inner feelings about her subject.

Website: (mainly to do with my manuscript but includes some of my paintings).

En Plein Air Exhibition 2019

Chris Huber, Sultry Mood and Jacaranda, 1990, oil, 99cm x 70cm $1990

Tony Walker, At Double Island Point, Watercolour, 76 x 57cm, $900

The world around us serves as one of the most important figurative interpretations in art. Nature has a positive effect on the emotional state and many artists take advantage of this. The French expression “plein air” means “fresh air” or “in the open air” in English. This year’s En Plein Air Exhibition at Petrie Terrace Gallery was a delightful collection of works created “in the open air’.

The participating artists typically prefer working in natural light conditions and placing emphasis on the changing qualities of light outdoors. They take their work onsite with them by carrying portable easels, canvases and paints to an outdoor location.

The freedom of working in this way was highlighted in this Exhibition. As you looked around the gallery; what became evident was the brilliance of colours and the ‘shimmer’ of the landscapes and places observed firsthand.

Overall the exhibition included 56 works by 26 artists boasting a variety of mediums, styles and locations. Both urban and natural settings were captured in interesting compositions.

One thing’s for sure… The world isn’t a photograph and it moves and changes all the time. Keeping up requires observation combined with a deep visual vocabulary.

Thank you to all artists who participated in this year’s En Plein Air Exhibition.

Kathryn McGovern