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Andrew K


Andrew K is a self-taught artist based in Brisbane, Australia. He creates vibrant and expressive paintings that explore the beauty and diversity of people and nature. Inspired by the colours and shapes of the natural world, as well as the stories and emotions of the human experience.  Social and environmental issues feature strongly. Oils, charcoal and pastels capture the mood, movement, and texture of Andrew’s subjects. His paintings are a reflection of his passion for life, his hopes and fears and the stories he hopes connect with others.

Cemre Atmaca


I was born in Turkey in 1989. I have been living in Australia for 15 years. I am a artist whose work breathes life into imagination. Through a palette of colours and strokes, I weave stories on watercolour paper, inviting you to explore emotions, dreams and the beauty that resides within the intersection of reality and fantasy.


2006 – 2010        Bachelor of Fine Art, Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey

2013                     Brisbane Institute of Art, Expression Watercolour

Kate Hessling


Kate Hessling

As a self-taught artist I enjoy challenging myself and experimenting with different ideas and subject matters.  These can range from expressionist to impressionist, to just strange abstract ideas and concepts that pop into my head.

My art is original and hand-painted using a variety of tools such as brushes, scrapers, palette knives, fingers and sponges etc. So expect to see brush, texture and tool marks.  If you are very lucky you might find a rare, stray brush hair embedded in the paint.

My influences are mostly from the stunning abstract and expressionist work of the mid-20th century which have such a feeling of raw intensity.  However, I also love abstracted and moody impressionist landscapes and see no conflict between such diverse styles.

I grew up in a creative family around the visual and written arts and experimented with a range of creative activities including sculpting, clay hand-building, and glass fusing before moving into watercolour, and now acrylic painting.  I hope you enjoy my art because I really enjoy making it.

Catherine Porter

Murray River Spirit Tree
Native Spring
Kookaburra- Pen and Ink

Catherine Porter

Art has been an integral part of my life, since a very young age.

Mt Stromlo Observatory and the Research School of Biological Sciences, ANU Canberra gave me the opportunity to hone my skills using pen and ink, illustrating both fauna and flora dissections for publication in science journals.

I began painting, firstly in oils, then in watercolour and mixed media. Most of my art now centres around watercolour and some pen and ink work. I find painting with watercolour both exhilarating and frustrating, as you can never be quite sure where it will lead you.

Over the years I have been most fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in workshops with John Lovett and David Fam, but primarily I am a self-taught artist.

I have been part of art exhibitions and sold work both privately and through galleries over the years.

I paint using a variety of subjects, predominately the bush, floral and bird life.

For more information on my practice, please visit my website

Karen Dyer

The Maharaja's Horse
Ladies Who Lunch
Belief - Karen Dyer

Karen Dyer

Painting solely in oil and with a primary focus on still life, Karen works to
imbue her chosen subjects with a ‘soul’ or spiritual energy despite being
considered inanimate objects. Inspiration is drawn from a strong interest in
the spiritual aspect of Animism and by recent visits to Asia which provided
a glimpse into the world of Shinto and Buddhist beliefs.
Portraiture is also an area which interests Karen. When creating a work, an
element of distortion is employed (to varying degrees of the surreal) to
accentuate the emotion/spirit emanating from sitter and perceived by the
Karen lives and works in the vibrant inner city suburb of West End,

Recognition and Recent Exhibitions
2022 – The Percival’s Portrait Prize – finalist
2022 – The Lethbridge Landscape Prize – salon de refuses
2022 – Blue Thumb Portrait Prize – shortlisted
2023 – Revival Art and Design Emerging Artist Prize – Winner of Sponsor’s
2023 – ArtEdit Magazine – Spring Edition – ‘One to Watch’
2023- Neu Neu Exhibition – Red Hill Art Gallery joint Exhibition
2023 -Brisbane Portrait Prize – finalist
2023 – Lethbridge Galley – Small Works 2000 joint Exhibition
2023 – Revival Art and Design – Small Works joint Exhibition
2023 – Aspire Gallery – multiple joint Exhibitions

Susan Joyce


Susan began painting after finding some paints her children had left out. She attended classes, collected enough art reference books and magazines to fill a library, concentrated on acrylics, then exhibited her work with her first solo exhibition in 2004. It was a success! One visitor Philippa Stewart-Hall, a member of the Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW), was so impressed by some of Susan’s smaller works that she suggested Susan apply for membership of the society. This she subsequently did, and was pleased when accepted following her first application.

Having become a member of ASMA, Susan felt she should learn more about miniatures and their history, and how she could further her development in the particular field, and subsequently enrolled in Miniature classes with graphic designer and miniaturist, Tina Spira.

Susan has attended classes and workshops with Paul Miller, Patrick Carroll, Madeleine Syzmanski, and recently Terry Jarvis. She now works in a variety of media including graphite, charcoal, watercolour, collage and of course acrylics. She still paints large pictures too! Susan collects unusual items for reference such as dried seedpods, stones, and used her photographs as aide-memoires.

Susan’s latest achievements were First Prize and Award of Excellence at the 2022 Sydney Royal Easter Show for Miniatures; Highly Commended for the 2023 Australian Society of Miniature Art Tasmania National Awards; and also the ASMA Victoria “Little Treasures” exhibition.

Susan relocated to Brisbane in 2022. Sadly her husband and mentor died early 2023. She continues to spend much time gardening, and slowly returning to her painting.

For more of Susan’s artwork you can visit her website

Helen Syron

Helen 3
Helen 2
Helen 1

Helen says on her own practice, “I consider myself a Modern/Contemporary artist, and have been so since I was about 12 years old. I have had lessons in contemporary painting, and life drawing, and have exhibited six times in Brisbane since May 2010; mostly with other artists, but once solo. I have also designed and painted two murals for Qld Fire Service, two Brisbane cafes, and I have both painted, drawn, designed, and continue to complete digital artwork for a commercial Brisbane client.

I also write and self publish children’s stories illustrating them digitally, and with pen and watercolour drawings.

A Grandmother, my family/art life is balanced on a “what’s happening today” basis. I was born in New Zealand and have lived in Brisbane for 33 years.”

Charlotte Wensley

The Big Edge by Charlotte Wensley
Under Foot by Charlotte Wensley
Voyager by Charlotte Wensley

Charlotte is a full time 2D abstract mixed media artist from the Sunshine Coast.

With an enduring curiosity for shape and colour, Charlotte works with both printmaking and paint as she creates abstractions of experiences in the landscape and personal journeys.

Global wanderings have infused her visual aesthetic with a love of rich colours; texture and ornament; structures and forms; and the contrast between natural and constructed environments, which she weaves into her work through collage.

Diversity of human experience and the reality of unique personal narratives have always held a particular resonance for her and these thoughts are never far from her mind as she paints.

Charlotte’s work is held in public and private collections both in Australia and overseas and her work has been recognised through inclusions in art prize finalist exhibitions, locally and internationally.

She is a member of the annual Noosa Open Studios Art Trail and participates in group shows regularly throughout the year.

You can find out more about Charlotte’s work via her website at

Sabine Von Graz

Spiritual Reflections
A swan in a teacup

Sabine Von Graz

Artist’s Profile

Sabine Von Graz has been in the arts since her Austrian childhood, when she was surrounded by her mother’s painting, sculptures and art classes. Sabine’s work focuses on the remarkable space between childhood and later life, as explored by the stories of shared cultures and tales from around the world.



​ Artist’s Statement

My work is often described as funky with a touch of punk and leaning towards the surreal.

The search of the ‘old world’ and childhood memories, in contrast with the contemporary here and now, is what sparks my imagination.

Living creatures put in juxtaposition with opposing objects let me create

‘new micro environments’ to which I can attach, often humorous, visual emotions.

“I guess I live out in my paintings things you just don’t get to do on an everyday basis.”



2002 Alloura Plaza, 424 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

2003 CO.AS.IT Center, 189 Faraday Street, Carlton

2003 Where Art Is At, 92 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

2003 July, Jackman Gallery, 60 Inkerman Street, St Kilda

2005 July, Venier, Graz, Austria

2006 January, La Madrague, Port Melbourne

2007 Red Box, Sydney Road, Brunswick

2010 The Pantechnicon Gallery, Daylesford

2013 Crest at Mapleton

2018 September, Studio Alice, Caboolture

2018 November, Weinmuseum Kitzeck Austria

2019 January, Bribie Arts Centre

2019 March, Redcliffe Art Gallery

2020 ‘Welcome to Alice’, Caboolture

2023 Artist of the month, Bribie Arts Centre



1998   Melbourne Arts Club, North Melbourne

1999 Linden Gallery, St Kilda

2002 Jackman Gallery, 60 Inkerman Street, St Kilda Carlton

2003 July, Jackman Gallery, 60 Inkerman Street, St Kilda

2003 September, Castle Harrachegg St Andra Hoch, Austria

2003 September, Artholes, 128 Gertrude Street Fitzroy

2003 December, Galerie Kleiner Prinz, Baden-Baden, Germany

2003 December, Artholes, 128 Gertrude Street Fitzroy

  • January, Pavillon Josephine, Avenue De L’Europe, Strasbourg, France
  • March/May, Kreuzwirt Gutjahr, 8442 Kitzeck, Neurath33, Austria

2004 April Women’s Art Register Inc. ‘Genetics’ exhibition, Horti Hall 430 Victoria Street, Melbourne.

  • 2nd – 21st of July, 2004, Artholes, Gertrude street

2004 22nd of July, 2004, Maree Mizon Gallery, Sydney Affordable Art Show

2004 September, Castle Harrachegg St Andra Hoch, Austria

2004 5­th October – 3 rd of December, Riptide exhibition at the Toyota Community Spirit Gallery

­2004 October, ‘Colourful Art by Colourful women’ Rinaldi Gallery, Victoria Street, Brunswick, Melbourne

­2004 December, ‘Xmas exhibition’ Rinaldi Gallery, Victoria Street, Brunswick, Melbourne

2005 February,’ Women’s Art Salon’ Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne

2005 May, The Jackman Gallery Melbourne – 3 women show

2005 June, The Jackman Gallery, group show ‘Melbourne’

2005 July, The Pantechnicon Gallery, group show in Daylesford

2006 The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2007 McGee’s Gallery Mornington

2007 July, The Pantechnicon Gallery, group show in Daylesford

2007 October Group Show, Paddington Contemporary, Sydney

2008 – 2012 The Pantechnicon Gallery, Daylesford

2013 – 2014 Peace of Green, Maleny

2015 – 2017 Travelling around Australia

2018 Bribie Island Arts Centre

2019 Bribie Island Arts Centre

2019 August, Studio ‘Welcome to Alice’, Caboolture

2020 Bribie Island Arts Centre

2020 Bribie Island Arts Centre

2022 Gympie Regional Gallery

2022 Lethbridge gallery Brisbane

2023 Lethbridge gallery Brisbane

2023 Bribie Island Arts Centre


For more information on Sabine’s work:




Chris Gosley

The Ring (Butterfly)
Flower Butterfly
Wellington Point Tree

I Commenced formal training in oils aged 9 under Wolfgang Sass, producing traditional landscapes and seascapes, and at 15 transitioned to classical oil portraiture as the only ever student of Giuseppe Ive. Three years later I began experimenting with a variety of mediums, settling on graphite, pen and ink exclusively for the next 45 years. In recent years driven by a constant drive for improvement I have re-commenced painting as well as exploring the realms of photography, abstraction, plein air and life drawing, as well as maintaining a prolific output in a variety of mediums and genres.

Working with both graphite and ink almost exclusively all my life, my realistic/representational works are always drawn from subjects in real life; whether urban, landscape or figurative. Abstract works are created from imagination whilst floral works typically are portrayed with abstract elements. Photographic subjects are primarily landscapes, flowers and textures.

My artworks are held in private collections both in Australia and internationally in: Bogota, Hamburg, Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Geneva, Gimel, Tokyo, Sendai, Nagoya, Nagano and Okazakai.

2001 Jul:                 Brisbane: Redclife Riverhaven – Celtic Art Group Exhibition, Pen and Ink, First Prize Awarded.

2006 Sep:                Brisbane: Springfest Art Festival – Group Exhibition, Photography, Highly Commended Awarded.

2008 Feb:                Brisbane: Satchmos – Group Exhibition, Photography.

2008 Jul:                 Brisbane: Mt Gravatt Photographic Society – Group Exhibition, Photography, First prize open colour prints and two Highly Commended Awards.

2009 Aug:                Brisbane: John Flynn Hospital – Art Festival Group Exhibition, Photography.

2009 Aug:                Brisbane: Scattered Arts – Solo Exhibition, Photography.

2013 Apr:                Brisbane: Art & Design Precinct – Reflections, Group Exhibition, Photography.

2013 May:               Brisbane: Art & Design Precinct – Bloom, Group Exhibition, works in Acrylic, Pen and Ink.

2013 Jun:                Brisbane: Art & Design Precinct – Fortune 500, Group Exhibition, works in Acrylic, Graphite, Pen and Ink.

2013 Jul:                 Brisbane: Art & Design Precinct – Barely There, Group Exhibition, Life Drawing, works in Graphite and Chalk

2013 Nov:               Brisbane: Art & Design Precinct – Eclecticism(ing), Solo Exhibition, works in Acrylic, Pen and Ink, Graphite, Charcoal and Photography.

2014 Nov:               Brisbane: Redlands Art Gallery – Back to the Future, Group Exhibition, 50 Years of Redland Yurara Art Society, Acrylic Paintings and Pen and Ink Drawings.

2014 Nov:               Brisbane: Jugglers Art Space – Life Drawing, Group Exhibition, works in Graphite and Chalk.

2014 Dec:                Brisbane: Yurara Art Society – Christmas Group Exhibition, works in Pen and Ink.

2015 Jun:                Brisbane: Celebration of the Female Form Group Exhibition, works in Graphite and Chalk.

2015 Nov:               Brisbane: Jugglers Art Space – Life Drawing Group Exhibition, works in Graphite and Chalk.

2016 Jun:                Brisbane: Celebration of the Female Form Group Exhibition, works in Graphite, Chalk, Pen and Ink.

2016 Sep:                Brisbane: Yurara Art Society – Spring Group Exhibition, works in Pen and Ink.

2017 Jun:                Gold Coast: Dárcy Doyle Art Award – Annual Group Exhibition, works in Graphite, Pen and Ink.

2017 Jun                 Melbourne: Brunswick St Gallery – Small Works Group Exhibition, works in Pen and Ink.

2017 Nov:               Brisbane: Jugglers Art Space –  Life Drawing Group Exhibition, works in Graphite.

2017 Nov:               Paris: Untitled Factory Montmartre – Finalist in Le Grand Nude Group Exhibition, works in Graphite.

2018 Jan:                Brisbane: Royal Queensland Art Society – Abstract Group Exhibition, Works in Acrylic.

2018 Feb:                Geneva:   Deux Ans Dessins Avec Modeles Vivants – Life Drawing Group Exhibition, works in Graphite.

2018 Apr:                Paris: Untitled Factory Montmartre – Finalist in 3rd International Marathon Life Drawing Group Exhibition, works in Graphite.

2018 May:               Brisbane: Bulimba Library Brisbane Urban Sketchers – Group Exhibition, works in Pen and Ink.

2018 Jun:                 Melbourne: Brunswick St Gallery – Small Works Group Exhibition, works in Pen and Ink.

2019 Jun:                 Melbourne: Brunswick St Gallery – Small Works Group Exhibition, works in Pen and Ink.

2019 Oct:                 Brisbane: Royal Queensland Art Society – Naked Truth, Life Drawing and the Nude, works in Graphite.

2020 Feb:                Brisbane: Royal Queensland Art Society – Journeys in Art, works in Graphite.

2020 Apr:                 Toowoomba: Toowoomba Art Society – Virtual Life Drawing Exhibition, works in Graphite.

2020 Jul:                 Toowoomba: Toowoomba Art Society – There and Back Again Exhibition, Works in Acrylic.

2020 Aug:                Toowoomba: Toowoomba Art Society – Annual Members Exhibition, Pen and Ink, Commended Awarded.

2021 March:           Toowoomba: Toowoomba Art Society – Go Figure Exhibition, works in graphite.

2020 March:           Camp Hill Gallery – Small Wonders Exhibition, Works in Pen and Ink