Kate Hessling


Kate Hessling

As a self-taught artist I enjoy challenging myself and experimenting with different ideas and subject matters.  These can range from expressionist to impressionist, to just strange abstract ideas and concepts that pop into my head.

My art is original and hand-painted using a variety of tools such as brushes, scrapers, palette knives, fingers and sponges etc. So expect to see brush, texture and tool marks.  If you are very lucky you might find a rare, stray brush hair embedded in the paint.

My influences are mostly from the stunning abstract and expressionist work of the mid-20th century which have such a feeling of raw intensity.  However, I also love abstracted and moody impressionist landscapes and see no conflict between such diverse styles.

I grew up in a creative family around the visual and written arts and experimented with a range of creative activities including sculpting, clay hand-building, and glass fusing before moving into watercolour, and now acrylic painting.  I hope you enjoy my art because I really enjoy making it.