Susan Joyce


Susan began painting after finding some paints her children had left out. She attended classes, collected enough art reference books and magazines to fill a library, concentrated on acrylics, then exhibited her work with her first solo exhibition in 2004. It was a success! One visitor Philippa Stewart-Hall, a member of the Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW), was so impressed by some of Susan’s smaller works that she suggested Susan apply for membership of the society. This she subsequently did, and was pleased when accepted following her first application.

Having become a member of ASMA, Susan felt she should learn more about miniatures and their history, and how she could further her development in the particular field, and subsequently enrolled in Miniature classes with graphic designer and miniaturist, Tina Spira.

Susan has attended classes and workshops with Paul Miller, Patrick Carroll, Madeleine Syzmanski, and recently Terry Jarvis. She now works in a variety of media including graphite, charcoal, watercolour, collage and of course acrylics. She still paints large pictures too! Susan collects unusual items for reference such as dried seedpods, stones, and used her photographs as aide-memoires.

Susan’s latest achievements were First Prize and Award of Excellence at the 2022 Sydney Royal Easter Show for Miniatures; Highly Commended for the 2023 Australian Society of Miniature Art Tasmania National Awards; and also the ASMA Victoria “Little Treasures” exhibition.

Susan relocated to Brisbane in 2022. Sadly her husband and mentor died early 2023. She continues to spend much time gardening, and slowly returning to her painting.

For more of Susan’s artwork you can visit her website