Winners – Members Annual 2020

Winners – Members Annual 2020

Best Artwork

Still Life #368 by Laura Phillips

Oil Painting $2000 101x91cm


This is a successful elaboration of a simple yet engaging idea: an arrangement of rectangles as a foil for organic forms. This painting’s firm sense of design is complemented by an equally rigorous colour scheme. The play of positive and negative shape and decorative pattern across the picture surface is reconciled with well observed, naturalistic detail; the care with which the composition has been developed in no way detracts from the the lyrical energy and sense of freedom in this painting.  

SECTION 1: Painting in Acrylic and Oils

First Prize

Amethyst and Red Lipstick by Kay Kane

Painting in Acrylic and Oils
Oil Painting $4000

JUDGES COMMENTS: Highly developed formal qualities – precise drawing, a firm grasp of the relationships between interconnected planes and a feeling for the structure of the head – make as important a contribution to this compelling portrait as as the vivid characterisation of an individual face.   

Equal Second Prize

Magpies by Michael Augustine

Oil Painting $2000 76x110cms

JUDGES COMMENTS: Sensitively controlled colour harmonies and a close observation of reflected light make this a highly accomplished essay in ‘contre-jour’ luminosity.   

Equal Second Prize

Demolition by Kathleen Dempsey

Acrylic on canvas $700 152x122cms


This rugged and dramatic painting conveys a real sense of pathos through a bold use of scale to emphasise the monumentality of the subject. Saturated colour and direct handling are consistent with the simple and bold framing of the central motif.  

Third Prize

Sunset Over Canaipa Passage by Abramo Papp

Oil on Linen $1200 106x76cms


A powerful mood is established though simplified forms, clean colour and most importantly an all-pervasive light.  

Highly Commended

The Ginger Plant by Peter Hubbard

Oil Painting $500 54x44cms


An astute juxtaposition of values resulting in a strategic placement of focal points leads the viewer into and around the space of this painting. Informal handling and a vibrant palette convey a sense of delight in everyday things.  

Cleaning Out The Closet by David Fenoglio

Oil on Linen $1800 65x55cms


Firm drawing, a disciplined technique and well observed values make this a solidly constructed, arresting work.  


Samford South Pine by Mike White

Acrylic on Canvas $600 50x75cms


An emphatic yet well-managed composition demonstrating a natural affinity for the medium. The expressive range of a saturated palette has been exploited without sacrificing naturalistic effects or a notion of a connection to a specific place.  

Story Bridge By Night by Paul Anthony

Acrylic $300 32x48cm

An original view of this much depicted subject combining firmly constructed planes, a sure instinct for spatial relationships, and a sense of immediacy bring this image to life. 

SECTION 2: Watercolour Painting

First Prize

Nudgee Beach Early by Tony Walker

$850 44x92cms


The confident application of washes and contrasts between the small figures and the broad areas of sky create a strong sense of atmosphere and mood.   

Highly Commended

Fassifern Valley by Greg de Silva 


A fresh, direct treatment, combing a careful selection of the essential elements of the subject and its relationships as well as a confident application of the medium.   

SECTION 3: Photography and Digital

First Prize

Fresh Produce by Alan Innes

Digitally Assembled Drawing $390 50x50cms **SOLD**


A very accomplished and taut essay in two dimensional design revealing a sure instinct for the juxtaposition of shapes, quality of line and distribution of values.   

Highly Commended

Old Museum – Nocturn by Joanne Heath

Photograph $295 53x41cms


The dramatic lighting on this evocative building has been thoughtfully captured.  

No artworks were entered in Section 4: Sculpture/ 3D All Media

SECTION 5: Drawing

First Prize

Remnants by Glen Gillard

Pen and Wash $500 47x57cm


A skilful and sensitive use of the medium to has been used to develop the lively abstract patterns in the subject. Intricate surface detail and carefully stated values contribute to create an air of mystery.  

Cambodian Fishing Village by Kay Kane

Drawing $450 54x33cms


Great economy of means has been used to suggest rather than directly state essential information about space, light and sense of place.   

SECTION 6: 2D Works All Other Media

First Prize

Venice by Christine Groh

Hand Coloured Linocut $300 52x62cms **SOLD**


The graphic technique is used to great effect to convey the charm of Venice and evoke a cheerful, festive mood.  


Coucal Trail by Beverley Tainton

Acrylic $2900 98x98cm