Elements 2020 Online

Elements 2020 Online

The Royal Queensland Art Society invites you to enjoy our Elements Exhibition. Artists were asked to respond to the title theme ‘Elements’. This exhibition features works in a variety of styles and media. View in person at the Petrie Terrace Gallery until Sunday 30th of August or Online below.

If you would like to purchase a painting please contact the Petrie Terrace Gallery on 3367 1977 Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-3:30pm.

Exhibition Entries

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Exhibiting Artists

Paul Anthony
Karen Collins
Joy Connell
Di Cox
Robyn Davies
Bill Gale
Cecily Greaves
Mariane Grigore
Christine Groh
Holly Harper
Joanne Heath
Peter Hubbard
Owen Hutchinson
Alan Innes
Peter Kowalenko
David Ladley
Jenny Lang
Zygmunt Libucha
Shereen Mahmoud
Susan Margaret
Muriel Milleret
Mel Mons Wolff
Laura Phillips
Luella Price
Elisabeth Ruiz
Giovanna Scott
Russell Solomon
Ekaterina Strounina
Beverley Tainton
Noreen Walsh