State President’s Report

State President’s Report

by Sue Gleeson, President RQAS Inc

At the recent RQAS Inc AGM, I was delighted to welcome Marion and Philip Ham as Honorary Members.  Philip has been coming to RQAS for 33 years and Marion for nearly as long.  They have been friends of and keen supporters of RQAS Brisbane, collecting many, many of our members work from our Annual Exhibitions along the way.

RQAS Fellows are not given lightly and nor should they. They have to be earnt. I was very pleased to award this years Fellows, to Joan Cooper, Ruby Eaves, Christine Kirkegard and Graham W Smith. Well done!

Sadly, we have lost 3 Fellows this year. Vale Audrey Gibbs, Charles Ludlow and Graham Readshaw.  We will miss them.

If any member would like to nominate another member as a Fellow, please see Vashti or myself for a form and submission details.

Many thanks to John Pyke for his ongoing work, simplfying and updating both the Brisbane and main body constitutions.


The By-Laws for the Fellows also need to be clarified and updated this financial year and John has kindly said he will do that as well. I trust that the Committees will work amicably in consultation with the existing Fellows to finalise as to what their new responsibilities will be.


All the best

Sue Gleeson

President RQAS Inc.