Robyn Moon

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What began as a hobby instantly became a passion that has evolved despite life’s winding path over the past 25 years. Robyn has settled in the Noosa Hinterland after living in Launceston, Melbourne & Asia,

and now has more time to paint.

Mastering the technical skills and understanding the process of producing works in realism like Old Masters, is her ongoing mission. Robyn also believes evoking feeling in the viewer, and telling a story is

just as important as striving to be a good painter. Inspiration comes from life, both in human-kind & nature.

Robyn has continued to study with a variety of teachers in many corners of the globe, particularly in fine art. Over the last few years she has studied honing Old Masters Portraiture oil painting techniques,

particularly of Bouguereau & Carravaggio, with a mentor in Europe online. More detail about her journey is on her website, <>.

Robyn has incorporated some of these skills in more contemporary portraits, and plans to work more on this area. Alongside her realist works, Robyn dabbles with looser styles in pastels, acrylics & pencil

drawings, and in landscapes as well. Her works are inspired by her own photography and former Masters.

Robyn’s work & studio will be on display at the ‘2021 Noosa Open Studios’ in October.