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Kay Kane (Dr)

17th April, 2018
About Artist Kay studied fine art at Central School of Art and Design, London. After graduation she practiced as an artist in London with several on-woman shows and major gallery [...] Continue Reading

Alison Murphy

9th March, 2018
About Artist I have used most mediums- graphite, pen, acrylics and oils, coloured pencils and watercolour pencils. Recently mainly using oils and pastels. Many of my early works were commissions [...] Continue Reading

Ruby Eaves

9th March, 2018
About Artist Ruby has been painting for most of her life and paints in oils, acrylic as well as watercolour.She studied art at high school then at Bathurst Teachers' College [...] Continue Reading

John Dunne

9th March, 2018
About Artist I came to art quite late in life only beginning to paint when I was 59. My work is inspired by my admiration of many of the impressionist [...] Continue Reading

Elena Ventura

9th March, 2018
About Artist I was born in the Philippines where I grew up and obtained my Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, and have been painting off and on over the years. [...] Continue Reading

Diane McDonald

9th March, 2018
About Artist Diane McDonald has enjoyed a life-long love affair with art but only in the last five years has she been able to turn her attention to her passion [...] Continue Reading

Sue Hill

7th March, 2018
About Artist Sue was brought up in Central Africa and spent her formative years moving from one small mining town to another, with her family. Both parents were creative and [...] Continue Reading

Sergio Lanniello

Huxley Revisited
7th March, 2018
About Artist I create art that is expressive and aesthetically pleasing. I draw in a variety of media, paint in acrylic, watercolour and mixed media. In addition I have created [...] Continue Reading

Jane Ianniello

Jungle Hideout
7th March, 2018
About Artist The inspiration for my paintings is the Hollywood movies of the 1940s and 50s. These movies featured glamorous stars and dramatic plots and provided an escape from the [...] Continue Reading

Meredith Howse

DOWN AT THE SLAB - PART-1 by Meredith Howse
7th March, 2018
About Artist Meredith Howse specialises in: painting acrylic mixed media abstract landscape Contact Details Email: Website: Continue Reading