Drawing: the fortifying element in any artist’s work

Drawing: the fortifying element in any artist’s work

The importance of drawing lies in the fact that it embodies a genuine and independent way of thinking. It is the most fundamental and direct of the visual arts in so far as it underlies mastery in almost every discipline in the visual art world.
Training in the formal aspects of drawing is a fortifying element in any artist’s work however he or she may ultimately choose to compose. Learning to see size, scale, shape, and spatial relationships, along with surface interplays of textures within a wash of lights and darks, is necessary for representing any formal idea, whether realistic, imaginary or symbolic. In the first place you must learn to see and draw accurately before you can move on to more expressive ideas.
The best drawing practitioners understand that they only really see something when they draw it.

“Self Portrait” by Kay Kane.

Dr. Kay Kane
Artist, Teacher of Drawing and Painting



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