Winners – Brisbane: Landmarks, Landscapes & Personalities 2022

Winners – Brisbane: Landmarks, Landscapes & Personalities 2022

The Royal Queensland Art Society would like to congratulate all the winners in the Brisbane: Landmarks, Landscapes and Personalities 2022 Exhibition.

Thanks also to our Judge Maureen Hansen, and Fellows Selector Dr Kay Kane. Please scroll down to view the winning artworks and judges comments.

First Prize


“Two Bridges, View from the 28th Floor Riparian Plaza”

by Paul Drought


This work impressed me because of the style of the detail. It looks gestural and finely observed. I liked the peach side of the building. Ironically as soon as I saw it I recognised the view having painted it for the Tattersalls prize winning in 2007. The overall harmony of the work draws you in although I would have preferred more cerulean to the greens. The careful observation of the landscape wins the prize for me.

Second Prize

Bribie Bathers

by Peter Hubbard



This picture is a little gem. I especially like the figures in the sea and the variety of greens that depict the shoreline. It draws in all the way back to the ranges in the back – well done.


Third Prize

The Drive Home

by Garry Dolan


This composition is a winner. I have also been here in Brisbane and thought it would make a fine picture. I like the way the XXXX brewery is quelled down especially the simplification of Eddy Fourex. The phosphorous nature of the traffic lights, dusk reflections create mood. I dig it!

Highly Commended


by Sue Smith


I loved the skill and composition of this work. I just found the flat white background doesn’t allow me to sink in past the surface. It reminded me of Matisse and the complex patterns were excellent from a painterly perspective.

“From Rations, to Wages, to Treaty”

by Colin Bushell


Excellent image that captures the 3 colours of the First Nations Flag. Crisp image of his face – love the light circle in top right.

Lovers’ Walk…Low Tide

by Owen Hutchison


I really enjoy the mark making in this work. The rhythm of the trees and the beauty of the composition. Technical dexterity is impressive.


by Alice Tsou


Really loved this work – would like to see more variety of colour in the water. Beautiful subtlety in the sky of rainbows. Some exquisite painting but shows an over reliance on photography.

Fellows Selection

Open to eligible RQAS Members. Selected by Dr Kay Kane FRQAS

Overlooking the Bay

by Dr Ekaterina Strounina


I cannot pretend other than I loved this image immediately. The colours of the Poinciana blossoms – so Brisbane- literally dances across the upper third of the painting while the triangular structure of the trees branches lead your eye down to what is a typical QLD home. The eye naturally picks up the bright light to the left of the composition, taking your eye back up to the marvellous vibrant red of the Poinciana blossoms. This work is well structured and unified.

Peoples Choice

Announced at the end of the exhibition.