Winners of the Queensland Figurative 2014

Winners of the Queensland Figurative 2014

The Judges Comments -from Wendy Sharpe

It was an honour to be asked to judge the inaugural Queensland Figurative Art Prize. It was wonderful to see such a range of different approaches and ideas.

I would like to congratulate all the artists who entered and to pass on to those who were not hung this year – don’t be disheartened – try again next time.

I’m sure you will all agree that the work is of a very high standard. It was very difficult to choose!

I decided to include two equal highly commendeds and five equal commendeds, though there are many other paintings of merit.

Congratulations to you all and enjoy this exciting exhibition!


There are 5 commended – all equal

Number 79 – Ronita Edwards – Liam

A powerful and moving painting.

Number 12 – Pat Hoffie – Porter #4

A quirky evocative image

Number 101 – Graham Hook -The Man in the Street

A dreamy atmospheric painting

Number 22 – Carolyn Morgan -Freckled and Scarred, My Head Still in the Clouds

A delightful poetic image

Number 36 – Steve Tyerman – In My Beginning Is My End

A bold lively painting

Highly Commended

There are 2 of them, equally highly commended.

In alphabetical order –

Number 5 – David Henderson -Self Portrait With Clare

A sensitive, delicate painting, beautifully composed.

Number 92 – David Wells -Manu

Great technical use of watercolour. Dramatic image.

The Winner is –

Number 70 – Untitled I – Adolphe Piche

A fresh airy painting, lovely feeling of sunlight, evocative use of colour and brush strokes. Interresting assymetrical composition.