Finalists for the Queensland Figurative 2014

Finalists for the Queensland Figurative 2014


to all all our Finalists for the Queensland Figurative 2014

Pauline Adair Embrace

Pauline Adair Play of Light

Hadieh Afshani Sibou

Chase Archer She looked as real as me

Esther Austin The Shearers

Robyn Bauer Looking up to Jan

Scott Breton Grain of Sand

Scott Breton Orpheus, Dia de los muertos

Mel Brigg Exodus

Gary Collett Barry

Gaye Cook Listen!

Carol Croad Self Portrait

Ryan Daffurn Cockaigne

Archer Davies Dan and Linda in the Summertime

Brian E Deagon Romans and Roses

Yasaman Dehghan Hammer’s Lullaby

Marcel Desbians The Magician

Regina Dolan Open to life

Regina Dolan The Blues Singer

Ronita Edwards Liam b.05/05/2014 – d. 12/05/2014

John Emerson The North Shore

Adam English The Kiss

Phillip Farley Teagan

Mark Feiler The Audience

Mark Feiler The Swap

Laurine Field Boys and Bonsai: beauty and patience

Margaret Fredrickson A Monoloue with Self -Madonna Staunton

Elizabeth Gair Palmer Paris Sewer Worker, 2014

Audrey Gibbs Seated Girl

Penelope Gilbert-NG The Duet

Glen Gillard A Lady

Glen Gillard Bring it on

De Gillett Brused-Embracing erudition

Sue Gleeson Mike & Lucy- who is leading who

Lyn Green Corroboree

Don Hamilton Artist at Work

Maureen Hansen Max in the front Room

Lillian Heenan Four

David Henderson Self Portrait with Clare

Steve Hillier Happiness is a Hot Jaguar

David Hinchliffe Magenta Mystic

David Hinchliffe Umbrellas, New York

Paloma Hodgins Waiting, Watching, wilting

Pat Hoffie Porter #4

Graham Hook The Man in the Street

Peter Hubbard The Moment

Peter Hubbard The Portrait

Chris Huber The Girl in the White Dress – Lauren

Amelia Huelin Amelia, seated

Phillip Huggard Lazy Afternoon

Jeanelle Hurst Selfie, History & the Flight of the Apple Blossom

Priscilla Jean Poppa

Patrick Jones Solomon’s Loss

Liz Jordan The Show Girl within

Kay Kane The Restoration of Venus II

Christine Kirkegard Seated Nude Megan

David Ladley The Judges

Trisha Lambi The Owl Called my Name

Wolfgang Laemmle French Man with Dog

Nick Leavey Herb

Lisa Lee Never a Dull moment

Maurice Lempire Weekend

Chris Martin Phoebe

Pete Martin The Immigrant

Irene Mckean Self Portrait

Suzanne McMaster Reflections

Colin Merrill Tabitha and Friend

Stuart Meyer-Plath The Rehearsal

Gabi Mika-McNaughton Piano Dress

Carolyn Morgan Freckled and Scarred, My Head still in the Clouds

Carolyn Morgan The Welsh Immigrant

Danielle O’Brien Portrait of Ange Takats

Warren Palmer Is there a snake in Eve’s garden? 2014

Debbie Parker Bevan in Cap and Scarf

Colin Peile Matt

Adolphe Piche Untitled I

Adolphe Piche Untitled II

Christine Purtle Gone Fishing

Jennifer Redmond The Visitor

Denise Reichenbach We could not find Atlantis

Tricia Reust Ruth’s Reasons

Sheree Ross Forgotten Hunger, The Blanket

F. J. Rowland-Wregg Reflect

Elisabeth Ruiz Mug shot

Alma Sarac Summer Day

Pamela Scherf Change!

Lesley Shelley Demitazza Collector- Paul PisaSale

Susan Skuse The Tree of Knowledge

Ian Smith North Island- South Island

Krystyna Soler Edge of Love

Beverley Tainton A Colourfull Life

Kristen Tennyson I have no gifts to bring

Aileen Timbrell Morning Briefing

Seabastion Toast Never mind

Seabastion Toast The Red and the Blue

Steve Tyerman And Then I All Fell Apart

Steve Tyerman In My Beginning Is My End

Elena Ventura Lady in the Market

Tony Walker Namitjiria’s Mission

Valerie Waring Bus Stop

David Wells Manu

Shan Wood Habits of Mind

Febe Zylstra Singing their own Song