Winners – Harold & Agnes Richardson Drawing Prize 2021

Winners – Harold & Agnes Richardson Drawing Prize 2021

The Royal Queensland Art Society would like to congratulate the winners of the 2021 Harold & Agnes Richardson Drawing prize. Judged by Bill Platz. This prize celebrates the practice of Drawing.

First Prize

Working From Home

by Paul Renals

Wood, Epoxy

Judges Comments:

In the tradition of Van Gogh’s shoes, this drawing brings concerns about the nature of work and the lives of workers into the COVID era with humility, poignancy and beauty. The laborious texture, graphic impact and subtle asymmetry of the shoes set this drawing apart as the winner of the 2021 HARD Prize.

Second Prize

Study for a Painting

by Anton Piche

Mixed Media – Crayon, Walnut Ink & Watercolour

Judges Comments:

Although there are a number of outstanding figures in the exhibition, this study distinguishes itself through atmosphere, mood and the dramatic play between transparency and opacity. The tension between the walnut ink, crayon and body colour contrast beautifully with the melancholic model.

Third Prize

Lee in Isolation 27.04.2021

by Claire Grant

Coloured Pencil & Cyanotype

Judges Comments:

This little portrait makes scale and materiality integral to the intimacy of the work. The lovely gestural marks in emulsion don’t just provide a ground for the contour drawing, they foreground the play between light, time and observation that perfectly align with the content.

Highly Commended

Draco Ligno

by Brittany Blackie

Ink & Tea on Paper

Judges Comments:

A clever portrait with outstanding graphic dexterity.

Male Gesture Study

by Scott Breton

Pencil on Toned Paper

Judges Comments:

The interplay between the aleatory effects of the stained paper and the gesture of the body heightens the drama and tension in the work.

Banyan Tree

by Kay Kane

Brush & Ink on Cartridge

Judges Comments:

Beautifully rendered with mastery between tone and contour — this is a deeply fascinating little landscape.

Angophora 2

by Glenda Orr

Sap Soaked Paper, Etching, Gesso Wash and Pencil

Judges Comments:

The anthropomorphism of the tree grabs attention, but the subtlety of the graphic treatment encourages sustained study.

The Goat Track

by Jennifer Redmond


Judges Comments:

A bold charcoal drawing loaded with mystery and narrative potential.

Window of Reflecting Cultures in Venice

by Cees Sliedrecht

Pen & Watercolour

Judges Comments:

This drawing achieves the difficult balance between playful montage and compositional structure while maintaining immediacy and exuberance.



by Scott Breton

Mixed Media