The Verlie Just Collection

The Verlie Just Collection


Exhibition dates: 14th – 23rd June 2018

Please email for a copy of the catalogue or follow this link to a facebook page with the catalogue.

Opening hours:  10am – 3:30pm

The Verlie Just Collection is coming to Petrie Terrace Gallery! The works exhibited are from the personal collection of Verlie Just, director of Brisbane’s renowned private gallery The Verlie Just Town Gallery and Japan Room 1973 to 2000.
Verlie’s gallery occupied several spaces over the course of her illustrious career including the York Building, Queen Street where the Myer Centre now stands, Macarthur Chambers and Charlotte House.
Verlie herself lived art and craft, and encouraged young artists as well those well established. Verlie was not a dealer who resold works: she acted on behalf of the artist. A wide range of genres and styles were shown in her gallery as her requirement was “good of it’s kind”, be that abstract, figurative, landscape, portrait, naive or sculptural installation.

Along with selected works from her personal collection the exhibition will include some educational and archival material about Verlie’s life as a key figure of the Brisbane Art Scene.

* For sales inquiries please contact Anita Milroy
* To book a private viewing or organise an appointment outside of gallery hours please contact Rochelle Lindquist – Gallery Director
Image: “Verlie” by John Rigby