Salon des Refusés 2022 – Finalists

Salon des Refusés 2022 – Finalists

Congratulations to all the artists selected in the 2022 Salon des Refusés, run in conjunction with the Brisbane Portrait Prize.

Exhibition on show at Petrie Terrace Gallery from Thursday 6th October – Sunday 6th November 2022

Opening Night is sold out, but get your tickets to our wine and cheese afternoons here. To find out more about our selectors click here.

Anna (Lady ‘C’) Leigh Schoenheimer
Chris England
Queen of Drama
Lindy Mackintosh
Merging Worlds of Clairy Laurence
Bronwyn Doherty
Carol Oh
Just a Moment
Timothy Grey
Muse in green
Marijke Lambregtse
Poet and Dog (Anthony and Benny)
Julie Manning
Stable Table
Robyn Moon
Kirsty Dixon
Art + Music = an interesting life
Linda McInally
2021 Isolation and exhaustion
Margaret Bending
A Journalistic Researcher
Christine Hall
Kirilee West
Liz Preston: “Grandmother” to many
Graham Preston
Lounge Art
Jo McFadyen
Selfie 2022
Justin Buchner
Damien Power
Alison Mooney
All That Glitters
Elizabeth Barden
Nature Nutures Nurse
Lynne Day
Outcomes of Introspection
De Gillett Cox
To Joh
Sangeeta Mahajan
Purple Chang
“I can’t wear yellow…”
Carol Goodwin
Born in the Year of Tiger
Nam-Trung Nguyen
Lost but now I’m Found
Laine Walker
Stephen Tiernan
Seize the Clay
Tania Carmichael
Johnny in the Studio
Min Jia Johnny Huang
The Conduit
Kris Anderson
Portrait of Dr Andrew Amey
Brett Poulsen
Hannah Brouard
The Show Must Go On
David Wells
Cameron Seymour
Andrew + HB4
Andrew Weil
Monique Baques
The Profound Void of an Empty Stomach
Charlotte England
Nadya Constantinidis
Lighting up Change
Carla Benzie
Dr Young
Zhi Peng Wu
Nina Ginsberg and Leki The Flower Bike
Dr. Ekaterina Strounina
Mr. Casey Charles
Floating Mind
Reece Woodland
Next Gen Claudia paints Keith, Emerging to Established
Donna Gibb
The Enabler
Samantha Groenestyn
This is Me. Self Portrait.
Monica Batiste
Decisions, Decisions…What Shoes Will I Wear
Jamie Congdon
Simon Brown
The Colour Behind the Uniform
Melanie Kilby
Portrait of a Queer Father as Icon
Jeremy Plint
Daniel Butterworth
Calming the Mind
Wendy Fry
The Bubblegum Blazer
Amy Knie
Natalia Bertelli
Self-portrait in the Morning
Leo (Zheng) Liu
Unfinished Business
Annette Raff
Nicola Hooper
In Her Eyes
Amy Bridge