Harold & Agnes Richardson Drawing Prize 2023 – Winners

Harold & Agnes Richardson Drawing Prize 2023 – Winners

Congratulations to our prize winners and thank you to our Judge Richard Blundell, and Fellows Selector Peter Hubbard.

First Prize

12 Years Old

by Leo Liu


The work by Chuck Close and Philip Pearlstein has given us an understanding of scale in large figurative works. This drawing provides a “reporting” that continues in this tradition that gives intimacy to the drawing itself. In this sense, the drawing medium itself is a key element of the work.

Second Prize

Forrest Water Cascades

by Dr. Christine Kirkegard


Drawings about landscape have a long history in both western and eastern traditions. Ideas about structure and cosmology provide a silent expression that speaks to seeing and understanding the world around us. This work is about a specific place with a specific structural form informed by the 19th century approaches of the “ Humboldt school” where direct observation is informed by a scientific mind.

Third Prize

Remembering Antonio Bonet

by Alan Innes


This work fits a model of Queensland education at its inception which is “applied” art. We once perceived ourselves as in less need of “Fine Art””, rather art that fits into publication and gives responses to society’s social fabric. This work gives a very grounded outcome with a reductionist aesthetic.

Highly Commended

Studio Scene

by Laura McCallion


A passionate & intimate engagement with the subject.

Young Artist Excellence Award – 18-30yrs old

Still Life with Apples

by Olga Kuznetsova


Interesting composition and use of colour pencil as a medium.

Young Artist Excellence Award – 17yrs and under

Ficus Macrophylla

by Lachie Elliott


Good observational drawing & cropping of the image provides a mature compositional element

Fellows Recognition Award


by Jo Cochrane


The line work of the fur is beautiful, and has a very organic feel. One curl flows into the next effortlessly. Very Sensitive.

Peoples Choice

Visiting Monet

by Amy Bridge