Glen Gillard

After six years Army service, including postings to Malaya and Vietnam, [ 1962 – 1968 ] Glen began life as an artist. That of course meant much trial and error and disappointment, and getting to know the reality of what it means to be an artist. But an artist, it seems, he was meant to be. Childhood memories are full of days painting and drawing.

Art lessons, art books, art contests, art groups and exhibitions became the focus of life and a new world opened up.

That world is still opening up, so many decades down the track, and is still full of learning and wonder. The expression, “Painting is an old man’s [ and woman’s] game” says it all, although Glen would dispute he is old !! He is always surprised and a bit amused when people ask, ‘Are you still painting?” It’s a bit like asking “Are you still alive?”

He has lost count of the number of art contests he has won, and solo exhibitions held. His portrait of wife Verna was selected for the Doug Moran contest in 1990. His self portrait entered in the Brisbane Portrait Prize in 2020 was selected for the Salon de refuse. He has painted more than a dozen public murals dealing with Queensland’s history – see Bowen murals and Clermont Railway murals – and had two sketch books published, dealing with the Queensland Gem Fields.

A feature of much of those engaged in the Arts, be that singing, dancing, acting, painting etc. is one of teaching. Glen taught privately for many years, and conducted workshops for various Art groups in Queensland. He is a Fellow of the Royal Queensland Art Society, Brisbane Branch, serving on the committee on a number of occasions.

“ Earth’s crammed with Heaven, and every common bush afire with God……….” This is one of Glen’s favourite quotes, part of a poem written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It suggests of course, that there is goodness and beauty everywhere, and that’s where Glen finds subject matter for his paintings – portraits, landscapes, seascapes, buildings, and flowers, a never ending source of inspiration. He is comfortable using oils, watercolour, pastel and various drawing materials.