Brisbane: Landmarks, Landscapes and Personalities 2023 – Winners

Brisbane: Landmarks, Landscapes and Personalities 2023 – Winners

Congratulations to our prize winners and thank you to our Judge Bill Gannon, and Fellows Selector Beverley Tainton.

First Prize

Under Construction

by Alexandra Matthews


A highly engaging painting about inner Brisbane at twilight/night. There is a strong sense of the city’s hilly landscape. The workers look over the CBD and invite the viewer to do the same. Excellent use of acrylic. Fine composition, colour and light. Enough detail in the foreground leading to the dancing lights in the background.

Second Prize

Brisbane Morning and Dusk

by Chris Foley


An appealing study of the Brisbane skyline at the beginning and end of day. The oil work shows a good use of light, tone and colour. Having ‘two’ works offers the intrigue of finding what elements are highlighted and what are hidden at different times in the subtropical city.

Third Prize

Sunshine on James

by Peter Hubbard


The work playfully explores a typical Brisbane outdoor gathering space. The bold use of yellow amplifies the sense of sunshine.

Highly Commended

Suburban Symbolism in Brisbane

by Julie Litte


The viewer is drawn into a typical Brissy backyard. Well composed and painted. Strong and simple execution.

Highly Commended

Outside Brisbane

by Max Butler


The small work exhibits a strong understanding of landscape with a smart selection of colour.

Highly Commended

Walter Taylor Bridge

by Anne Maree O’Brien


The artist produced a fine watercolour work of a Brisbane landmark. Excellent shadows and tones.

Fellows Recognition Award

Poinciana Summer

by James Randall


I feel this art work embraces originality and creativity – but, most importantly it emits a personality and feeling of a Brisbane Poinciana summer. Composition is very well balanced and colour use moves me around the artwork, engaging me in a feeling of that Brisbane summer I know so well.

Peoples Choice

Above Queen Mary Falls

by De Gillett Cox