Winners – Art of Imagination

Winners – Art of Imagination

Congratulations to the winners from the Art of Imagination.

Judged by Patrick Jones.

Fellow Recognition Award judged by Greg de Silva.

First Prize


by Scott Breton

Oil on Panel


Beautiful art from Scott. Apart from virtuoso technique the painting has a grand scale to it and is filled with mystery and wonder; key ingredients for intriguing works of the imagination, also Scott shows he’s not afraid to paint hands—elegant ones at that.

Second Prize

Goddess of My Lake Emerging

by Glenise Clelland



Stunning stuff from Glenise. I loved this from the moment I saw it. The sense of wonder and the beautiful harmonies of colour make this a timeless piece of art. Just beautiful.

Third Prize

Reflecting on Life

by William Richardson



A wonderful sculpture from William. The imaginative flow of the forms coming off the smooth skull and the alien markings are a beautiful thing to see. The leather surface adds to the mysterious sense of a lost artefact from some ancient time.

Highly Commended


by Joanne Brooker

Acrylic on Paper


Lovely work from Joanne, which has a wicked sense of humour to it. It was a toss up between this one and her other work on show, but the cats won the day. 

Feel Free to Touch Me

by Anna Gonzalez

Mixed Media-Diorama


I smile every time I see this one from Anna. The sense of stop-motion and the sheer joy of it is fabulous. The interactive nature is also a great gift from the artist to the art lover.

Gaiya – Devil Dingo

by Wilna Ten-Cate

Mixed (Ink, Graphite, Gold Leaf)


Intriguing work from Wilna. The confident use of space and sparse line make this a piece of art that will never grow old. The gold leaf is a perfect final touch.

Medusa Sightings

by Geoff Treagus



Excellent and unique work from Geoff. The consistent jerky flow of the paint gives the impression of an artist totally immersed in their craft. This art has great personality and I love the curious snake eyes.

Fellows Recognition Award

Judged by Greg deSilva

If I Had Wings

by Lesley Shelley

Oil on Linen


A lovely painting using warm tones except for the blue of the girls eyes. The butterfly’s add to the mystery of the title and being able to fly. Even the little mouse on the girls shoulder has sprouted its own wings and could take off at any moment. The umbrella also has that ‘Mary Poppins’ charm, so the girl could also fly, if the magic is right. The work radiates charm.

People’s Choice

The Navigators

by Robbie Erskine

Oil on Panel