Abstract Exhibition 2018

2018-Abstract-Exhibition 2018-Abstract-Exhibition

Abstract Exhibition 2018

The RQAS Abstract Exhibition opened last night with over 40 artists exhibiting over 70 works, we have been overwhelmed by the talent and variations with which the artists responded to this exhibition. Thank you to all those who attended, particularly we would like to thank Beverley Tainton for curating the show and our gallery hanging team and of course our judge Elizabeth Duguid who had the difficult task of selecting our winners.

Elizabeth Duguid has provided the following comments and conclusions.

Walking into the Gallery I was hit with walls filled with loads of colour and creativity, which was a great start.
 As an artist who loves colour, I was instantly drawn to that work first and noticed that a number were marked as not for judging. So after enjoying those, my eye was drawn to the variety of media and approach of the other work.

First Prize Laura Phillips “Dance of the Birds”

After walking around and examining all the other works I was drawn back to Laura Phillips ‘Dance of the Birds’.
 It’s positive marks combined with the sensitive quality of colour and line, made it a winner to me.

Second Prize Kay Wanatabe “Distant Memory 1”

The intricacy and subtle use of mixed media in no 54. also attracted my attention and proved that sometimes good things come in small packages. So Kay Watanabe  ‘Distant Memory’ has won second prize

Third Prize Maria Field “Abstract Red”

Going around the room again I went back to a little jewel that had caught my eye before. No.3. ‘Abstract Red’ by Maria Field has won third prize

Highly Commended Peter Hubbard “Interior”

For the highly commended I couldn’t go past 57. This well constructed and subtle abstract was so reminiscent of the beautiful work of the early days of the RQAS. They don’t teach you to construct a painting like this today.

Highly Commended Lyn Derrick “Golden Fleece”

 The simplicity of line and shape really appealed.
 I have to say that I loved all the sculptures but found it difficult to judge them with 2D work.
Maybe all work could be 2D.


Overall I found it an exciting exhibition with a lot of variety in media, and it was great to see those who have got out of their comfort zone and experimented with new ideas.
As you will see by my judging it is often better to follow your soul when painting and don’t try to please the judge……or the market. 
A painting from the heart, painted with passion stands out irrespective of the experience of the artist.

this exhibition is open until Friday 23rd February make sure you stop by Petrie Terrace Gallery before it closes.