Zheng (Leo) Liu

Title: Clouds and Mist
Media: Acrylic on Canvas
Size:	120cm x 150cm
Price: $7,200.00
Title: When to come back
Media: Acrylic on Canvas
Size:	120cm x 150cm
Price: $7,200.00
Title: Straw Rain Cape
Media: Acrylic on Canvas
Size:	120cm x 150cm
Price: $7,200.00

An artist sees the world in a different way from the ordinary people. While the latter tend to focus on the plot and logic, the former fixes his eyes more on color, light and shadow. It is normal, though not in an absolute sense. As a result, a common landscape may, through the lens of an artist, appears dynamic, attractive and mysterious.

What I admire is an aesthetics of minimalism, which is more a philosophy than an aesthetic taste. To extract what can touch our heartstring from the complex visual images and restore the world to simplicity are what I am pursuing. For painting, detailed portrait resembles a drama, bustled with activities; and simple depicting is like a single song, unfolding its charm independently.

The boundless sea and vast sky, in my eyes, are sending a message of freedom. Proceeding from this enlightenment, what an artist pursues is not to imitate what he has seen, but to recreate a landscape with his inspiration. That is why all his attention is directed to his works. The pleasure of imitation of the image is meaningless for him now, and only the aesthetic enjoyment of applying his genius can satisfy him. In this stage, an artist has transcended the representation and reached the depth of spirit. The so-called drawing nature consists in nowhere but the subtle materialization of an artist’s concepts and ideas. A free command and application of his genius is what helps an artist enjoy more freedom than a photographer.

A poetic mood oriented from “unpredictable”, supramundane and spiritual.

The beauty of music lies in its flowing and intangible nature. To musicalize a painting, an abstract beauty should be refined from the representation. As melody and rhythm constitute the beauty of music, the ingenious combination of light and color adds a musical charm to a painting.

A painting appeals to me is not in the style of mountain-shaking power but of ride-the-wind leisure.



2019     14th Curitiba International Biennial, Curitiba, Brazil

2018     Wave-rider – Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Zheng (Leo) Liu, 798 XYZ Gallery, Beijing, China

2016     Color Symbiosis – Chinese Contemporary Artists Exchange Exhibition, National Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica

2015     Oriental Beauty – Exhibition of Contemporary Works by Chinese Artists, Providence Cultural Center, San Diego, Chile

2014     Advance Bravely – “Horse”, Chinese Contemporary Culture and Arts Exhibition, Beijing, China

2013     WE:1994-2013—The 20th Anniversary Collective Exhibition of the Artists in Songzhuang China, Songzhuang Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

2009     Virtual + Superficies Four Artists’ Exhibition, China Space Gallery, Beijing, China

2008     Limited Distance, LDX Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China

2008     Icon of Asia, EM arts Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2008     2nd China Today, Canvas International Art Gallery, Amstelveen, Holland

2007     ShContemporary 2007, Shanghai, China

2007     Urban Space-The Solo Exhibition of Zheng (Leo) Liu, M Gallery, Beijing, China

2007     Contemporary Art Show, Songzhuang Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

2007     Beijing Udumbara Flower Gallery Invitation Show, Beijing Udumbara Flower Gallery, Beijing, China

2006     Beijing Soemo Fine Arts Gallery Unveiling Show, Beijing Soemo Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

2006     Beijing Dongcheng District Art Center 1st Oil-painting Show, Beijing Dongcheng District Art Center, Beijing, China

2006     Beijing Times Gallery 1st Contemporary Art Top-pick Show, Beijing Times Gallery, Beijing, China