Winners – Materially Designed 2023

Winners – Materially Designed 2023

The Royal Queensland Art Society would like to congratulate the winners of our new exhibition Materially Designed and extend a heartfelt thank you to all our judges, as well as to all the entrants and volunteers who helped to make this exhibition a success.

Jewellery and Small Objects Prize, awarded by Elizabeth Shaw

Mycelium Crystals

by Adrian Hogan

Sterling Silver

Judges Comments:

Adrian Hogan’s artist statement refers to similarities between Mycelium Crystals and coral. For me the works are evocative of another natural phenomena, the trails left by termites. The sculptural nature of the works is engaging.

Jewellery and Small Objects Prize, awarded by Elizabeth Shaw

Jewellery Collection

by Kyrin Embrey

Sterling Silver and Enamel

Judges Comments:

These pieces are suggestive of works that are sculptures for the body. Kyrin Embrey’s two dripping enamelled pendants are evocative of natural forms, suggesting flow caught in a moment of time.

Intergenerational Threads Award, awarded by Jane Milburn


by Donna Gibb


Judges Comments:

This striking portrait represents fashion as intergenerational treasure that remains special and stylish across the ages. The handmade taffeta dress is displayed beside this painting by a mother of her daughter Hannah wearing the dress originally made for the painter. The dressmaker was the painter’s late grandmother Ada who made it for the painter’s school formal in 1983. This artwork represents old-school hand-me-down culture which is the complete opposite of today’s buy and toss mentality. It shows we value and want to hold on to meaningful and storyful garments that stand the test of time. Congratulations to artist Donna Gibb.

Creative Vision Award, awarded by Jane Milburn


by Toni McIsaac

Wood and Metal

Judges Comments:

The flounce of the hemline and the purposeful swing of the arms are the first things that catch the eye. On closer inspection, one sees the dress is a weathered trunk and the arms a twisted tree branch. These two pieces of wood are attached to another that forms the body anchoring this sculptural beauty. Erin represents solid artistic vision wrought using timber upcycled from the natural world. Her creative and regenerative form are an urgently-needed counter to the disposable plastic fashion cluttering our ecosystem. Congratulations to artist Toni McIsaac.

Material Difference Best Fabric Design, awarded by Kristie Fankhauser


by Lisa Pullen


Judges Comments:

This beautiful watercolour will look magnificent printed on fabric. With a white background it is stunning, but the beauty of this artwork is that once in repeat, changing the background colour will keep the integrity of the artwork but make it look new – it will also scale beautifully (large or small to see more or less of the repeating pattern – making it so very versatile for commercial fabric.

Art Prize – DESIGN, awarded by RQAS Fellows Frances McKennariey and David Henderson

Dandelion Wishes

by Alice Blue


Judges Comments:

This small image of densely interlocking forms and layered painterly surface moves easily between a painting and potential design for material. The surface tension is well controlled through variations in colour and shapes of the floral forms.

Art Prize – COLOUR AND TEXTURE, awarded by RQAS Fellows Frances McKennariey and David Henderson

Abstract Floral Scarf collection

by Di Cox

Painting Printed on Fabric

Judges Comments:

This triptych engages with both texture (visual and material) and colour. The use of harmonising and contrasting hues for each panel, loose painterly images and choice of delicate material enhance the sense of light so that it changes from a painting into fashion items as though by alchemy.

Art Prize – FORM, awarded by RQAS Fellows Frances McKennariey and David Henderson

Once and Floral, and Don’t Leaf Me Alone

by Jo Cochrane


Judges Comments:

The painting is a well realised botanical study that successfully transitions from a 2D image into a decorative motif that wraps across the form of the body in an elegant gesture. This gesture accentuates the design of the dress.

Art Prize – FORM, awarded by RQAS Fellows Frances McKennariey and David Henderson

Garden of Eden

by Louise Blood

Digitally Printed on Cotton from Acrylic Painting

Judges Comments:

This richly detailed image successfully transforms the artist’s original painting through fashion processes of fabric printing, sewing, layering, quilting, stitching and bordering. The graceful serpentine line unifies the intricate floral images and layering of materials into an integrated and harmonious whole.

Best Execution of Concept and Design, Awarded by Rachel Burke

An Exploration of Flowers

by Nina Casagrande


Best Expression of Personal Style through Design and Tailoring, awarded by Rachel Burke


by Nicholas Stevens-Hoare

Harric Tweed, Cotton Fabric and Leather

People’s Choice

Everything Pales in Comparison (Pale Headed Rosella)

by Kristy-Ann Duffy