Diversity in Print 2015

Diversity in Print 2015

First Prize

# 21 “Seed” Relief etching by David Nixon

Congratulations on a beautifully resolved work of great visual clarity. This simple and timeless subject – the seed – has been deeply considered and engages the viewer in a meditation on the fabric of life. The artist is at ease with his medium so the technical rendering of this subtle work is excellent.

Second Prize

# 11 “And the Sea Is Not Always Calm” Mono print by Joanne Heath Smith

This evocative work uses the mono print technique to capture the movement and rhythms of the sea. It immerses the viewer in a sequence of sensations, employing the painterly qualities of mono print with well placed expressive marks.

Highly Commended

# 33 “Selfie With Arnish Kapore Sculpture” Linocut by Sue Poggioli

This witty and amusing comment on art and society engages the viewer in the dynamic process between art and viewers which is very well expressed in the bold and inventive design.

#4 “Zebras” Linocut by Christine Groh

Zebras is a joyful and energetic work which plays with the tensions between volume of form and the flatness of pattern with great success while maintaining the unity of the image.

# 25 “Dance, Dance While You May – In the Shadows” by Sue Pickford

This thought provoking image asks a question rather than gives a story. The repetition of cast shadows of arches is a dynamic element in creating a sense of movement and disquiet.

# 22 “Wet Head” Etching by Glenda Orr

This two plate etching is a complex and richly coloured work with a great sense of play as it explores different uses of the medium in developing the image.

Peoples Choice, 2pm on May 17th 2015,