Elizabeth Woodfield

Elizabeth F. Woodfield

Art is part of my identity. It gives fundamental meaning to life. I paint for personal satisfaction, challenge and interest in the creative process. I like my paintings to suggest stories, incite a mood, perhaps present viewers with a mystery or conundrum. My people things are generally contextual and therefore I suppose a social record; my land/sea/creaturescapes idiosyncratic of the spirit of human beings.

In 2005, seizing the opportunity in Iran, I was privileged to examine much work and confer with Iranian artists rekindling my old interest and intrigue of Middle-Eastern/Asian miniatures, particularly their story-telling and oft disguised elements in landscapes and figures. This was supervened with study of archived Persian Miniatures at British Museum, UK.

While in The Sultanate of Oman 2007, 2008, as I found also in the stunning plethora of life, colour, activity years before in India (1989, 1992, 1995 – and again in 2008), the inter-relationships of life and art with the extraordinary terrain, cultural mores and stories are naturally puissant.

In 2010 I furthered my studies of miniatures and calligraphy in Turkey, again in India, discovering more and re-acquainting with many different schools of these old art forms. Then in 2016 I gazed upon royal-McKoy sculptures and art of Ancient and Modern Greece and once again returned to Turkey experiencing new and mysterious images.

Home on Bribie Island and on sojourns farther afield into Australia’s unique landscapes, I continue explorations with different media and techniques. Queensland Artist Dale Marsh says Elizabeth is a painter of the mind rather than a painter of light; and, powered by a feel for the haptic, she expresses herself by painting from her inner feelings about her subject.

Website:  agreekmatinee.wordpress.com (mainly to do with my manuscript but includes some of my paintings).