Cindy MacDonald

You Matter
A Mile Walked

I have always loved to draw and paint and as a child I would draw my favourite animals; lions and birds and dogs and people and I still love those subjects! To be able to find that essence, that divine spark that is within all of us and to reveal that through art is my constant aim…And to be able to produce work that honours the subject, delights and sometimes maybe even challenges the viewer and honours the One who is the source of all wonder.

Many years went by when I didn’t even pick up a pencil because life just took over. I am married to a wonderful man and I  have three beautiful adult children and am also so blessed to be a nanna to five gorgeous little ones. However, it is in the last few years that I have really felt the call of God on my life to pick up that pencil/ brush again and I have been taken back to that happy place deep within my soul, where I am creating artwork that expresses the love of my soul and that has  meaning.

I have won some awards in local art shows and my greatest achievement was winning Grand Champion of Show for a portrait of my Dad in pastel…and have sold work at shows and online.