Angela Mulligan

About Artist

Angela is a contemporary Australian artist mainly self taught . Her passions for Art led her to formal studies. Angela completed Visual Arts certificate in the early eighties.
Her work has been exhibited and collected throughout Australia. Her unique style is linked with the expressionist movement, but with a modern twist.
Her style embraces the sense of emotion and her fascination with life and nature.
Angela’s inspirations come from everyday life. Colour shape and movement. energetic pops of colour is her trademark working with bold sweeps and strokes of colour as the painting takes shape and form. Her style compliments the warmth and fervour of the people and places that she represents in her works, along with her own restless passion. With a focus on the subtle interplay of light and movement, Angela’s works are created with a sense of immediacy, encouraging the viewer to recognise the importance of every moment. Her work incorporates elements of inter-textuality, creating oblique layers of meaning.
Angela has won several first prize awards and has sold many cherished pieces. She is still on her journey of discovery and her Art is ever evolving.
“My paintings are my ultimate escape into a fantasy splashed across the canvas, capturing my freedom and passion as an artist in the brightest and boldest colours imaginable.”