John Reichelt is a scientist with a PhD in Microbiology and an interest in astrophotography.
In 2014, John married Gayle, who is an artist.  Now John is exploring ways to present star photos as art. 
He takes star photos using a Canon 550D camera with a 765 mm focal length telescope.
Take a look at John’s beautiful astronomy images in this link:
John and Gayle also are currently developing a collaborative series based on a theme of explaining the life cycle of stars 
and conveying the reality that stars are not eternal; stars are born, they age and they die.  By combining star 
astrophotographs taken by John with drawings or photographs taken by Gayle, the theme also illustrates the 
nature of other wonders in our skies.  More images will be added to the series as it further develops.  This series is 
in a Gallery called The Life Cycle of Stars.

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