Sue Hill


Sue was brought up in Central Africa and spent her formative years moving from one small mining town to another, with her family.   Both parents were creative and her mother was an excellent botanical artist. Sue was encouraged to amuse herself with few material possessions.  She revelled in nature and the surrounding bush with its diversity of flora and fauna.

 Sue emigrated to Perth with her young family and as soon as her children were established at primary school she began to attend part-time art classes at TAFE and at the Clarement College of Art.   

A decade later and following another shift, this time to Adelaide, she became a volunteer art guide at the South Australian Art Gallery, which reinforced her love of history and art.

In the past decade and following a further move to Brisbane, Sue attended several short art courses in painting and has regularly attended Donald Waters friendly art demonstration sessions in Beenleigh.  She exhibits with a group of artists at Saverin House in the Beenleigh Historical Village.  ( This is a young, energetic and dynamic gallery which has a three-monthly changeover of paintings.

Sue explores a range of different mediums and finds motivation in nature, colour, movement and the diversity of life.  She particularly loves the immediacy of acrylic paint.   Sue has sold paintings in several Australian states and though her paintings are based in traditional methods, she enjoys exploiting materials to gain new and exciting outcomes.  Often photography is used as a stepping-stone to kick start an idea and to manipulate or distort this to gain a new perspective or an abstract composition.  Endless and exciting possibilities motivate Sue's creativity to cross many genres in using nature, colour, texture and emotion.



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