Gayle’s works are sometimes inspired or influenced by human-made objects that have been abandoned and exposed to the elements of time in the natural environment.  These objects, abandoned to their fate and the mercy of the natural forces, leave a richness of colour, texture and patterns left in the rust and decay, and sometimes graffiti where tourists have felt the irresistible need to leave their mark, paradoxically creating its own rich, beauty. 

In other works, Gayle uses distortion or abstraction to convey feelings and a particular mood, as she feels that often things can be expressed more successfully in forms that are personalised, rather than through the use of realism.  Distortion is a change of reality’s depiction.  Through distortion, reality is changed into creativity.  

The progression of Gayle’s art work has been from an early focus on realist portraits, buildings and landscapes in charcoal, oil, water colour and pastel to exploring abstraction inspired by nature, to a series of digital artworks that she then used as a starting point in oil (starting in 1997) in which she made use of distortion, abstraction, texture and colour.  Gayle’s work is constantly evolving, exploring and making use of new technology and mediums as well as contemporary and traditional techniques.    

Encaustic is the most recent medium, which consists of molten beeswax and  damar resin which is mixed with oil pigments for colour,  and is fused after application into a continuous layer and fixed to a support (usually wood) with heat. 


BA Fine Art,  La Trobe University Bendigo 1992 - 94

Graduate Diploma of Education (Sec), La Trobe University Bendigo.  1995 

BA Honours (Fine Art), La Trobe University Bendigo 1996 

Graduate Certificate of Museum Studies, Deakin University Burwood. 1997 

Commissions accepted. 




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